Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Would You Do?

I have been watching the new show, "What would you do?" ABC's new hidden camera ethical dilemma show and it has caused a lot of good conversations in my family as we all watch together. The show if you have not seen it, stages certain situations and then films people's reactions as the events unfold. The biggest thing I notice is the difference in the way women and men are treated. One scene called for a young man to saw a chain off of a bicycle that was not his. He got a lot of attention by passersby and many people called the police or said something to the young man about stealing. Then they put a very nice looking woman to the same task and to my surprise, even though she told the men passing by that she was indeed stealing the bike the men actually helped her!  Another scenario has a woman collapsing on the sidewalk in a busy area and it took just seconds for people to stop and help. When a man collapsed it took much longer for anyone to even stop much less try to help. Put a beer can in the man's hands and no one did anything but stare as they walked by. One tiny little black woman who walked with the aid of a cane was the only one who would help the man. She stood by and asked many people going by to call for an ambulance and finally after 20 or so people passed did someone use their cell phone to call for help. Her take on the situation was she had been homeless and that the man was still a human being who needed help. This show has made all of us look at ourselves as we watch the different scenarios, and we ask ourselves; What would we do?


FishHawk said...

We haven't watched the show yet. For I have had a sneaking suspicion that ringers have been placed in the situations just in case they do not get good enough reactions from the regular people around, but I admit that this is really not a good excuse. After reading your take on the show, we might start tuning in.

Susan said...

It is hosted by John Quiones(sp) and we find it very thought provoking. I hope ringers are not used. The people are interviewed after. I think maybe you should watch and tell me what you think.