Saturday, February 19, 2011

They're Fracking Us!

No, I am not employing a new [Battlestar Galatica expletive].  On the other hand, it does apply.  For I just got through watching a [PBS Need To Know segment] about a [ProPublica] report on how hydraulic fracturing is making people sick in the areas where it is being used.

If you are not familiar with the process, [hydraulic fracturing] is used to drive oil and natural gas out of rock formations deep down under the surface, and it is championed by a number of people.  For it makes it possible to reach pockets that are generally inaccessible by other means, and it has provided jobs in areas where money does not grow on trees.

Of course, if the process is making people sick, is it worth it?  Energy companies certainly think so, and so do many others.

Alas, back before our Heavenly Father changed me, I would have been counted amongst those in unconditional support for anything that would make our nation stronger, and I am still strongly in favor of much.  For there is nothing wrong with wanting the country that one is born in to be all that our Heavenly Father would have it to be.

My support is not nearly as unconditional now, however, and if hydraulic fracturing is poisoning the water supply (amongst other things), it should be stopped.  What do you think (or know)?

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