Saturday, February 12, 2011



They are rejoicing in Egypt today. The thousands who blocked the main square in Cairo to demand the removal of President Mubarak continue their blockade, although now the party! Powerful men at the top, mostly army generals, have removed the unwilling president and who knows in what direction Egypt will now move. The generals do not, the people certainly don't, and the suddeness of the transformation has taken the world by surprise. There are no logical political appointees waiting in the wings. Political parties were discouraged, the only organised group being the Muslim Brotherhood, and most apparently do not wish for them to rule. No other political party appears to exist in sufficient form to take power. Many Egyptians with political experience have been tied to Mubarak, as indeed have the army generals! Who will be the leading man, and what will be his power base? The next few days are very important for Egypt and indeed the Middle East. Political turmoil in the Middle East also has an effect on the rest of the world.

Will another dictator arise from the army? Will democratic elections occur, and if so when? The word 'democracy' is much used and mostly abused in this world. What chance does it have in Egypt? This is the Middle East not the West. People think differently in this part of the world and do not see the world as we do. What happens if such a movement arises in Saudi Arabia? Would this allow bin Laden to return? I doubt it, however he has many who sympathise with his views and indeed there are many Saudi's who wish for a very different society anyway. That nation may well see dramatic change in the near future and what will that mean for the world?  All hangs on a thread, yet nobody knows who controls that thread bar God. While the Egyptians rejoice many will ponder the future more soberly in the morning. There is no doubt the people will flood onto the streets if the changes do not reflect their wishes for the socirety they look for. Cheaper food prices, better job prospects, and what some call 'democracy' are sought by the population, half of whom are under twenty five years of age.  

The westerm nations have floundered while attempting to keep in with everyone involved. Mubarak is important to the peace with Israel, a desire to support the people confused this, Premiers and presidents did not know what to say and blustered through the week. Pressure behind the scenes varied from supporting the president to making him leave. Now he has gone the west is supporting the people and hoping they have got a government in the making that will do things their way. At this moment nobody knows. That of course will not stop them continuing to interfere and blunder about.

How should Christians react? We can pick and choose from our political viewpoint, usually a bad idea. We can 'pray much,' always a good idea, as long as we ask what God wishes than tell him what we want. There are those who will read the 'end times' into this, usually from their own political point of view however, always a mistake. Most will sit back and hope, maybe pray, that all will be well. The 'end time' of course is not for us to know, not even the Son knows this, but prayer for God's will is always good, therefore that alone, along with demanding our governments do the 'right thing' in supporting any government that attempts to create a peaceful nation which relates well to the neighbours. Nations will be in flux at all times, today Egypt tomorrow another elsewhere, but we can be at peace in one way, Jesus is still in control.   



FishHawk said...

Welcome, my dear Adullamite!!! Great start!

Now, considering what had to be overcome, would it be such a stretch to think of Mumbarak leavng office as he did a miracle? Of course, we would do well not to assume that what is to come is going to be "all good" from our ground-based points-of-view.