Monday, February 7, 2011

Choosing Government Over God

Hello and God bless. My name is Sue and I am doing a guest post for my good friend "Fish Hawk."  I just hope I do him justice, and as always I welcome any feedback.
America is in serious trouble. Don’t doubt for a moment that the falling of the United States will be just as catastrophic as the fall of the Roman Empire. Do you doubt that? I for one see the fall of America as we know it in our future, if not our children’s future. There is massive debt, not only for the United States as a country, but massive personal debt as well. We have become a country that does not care if we have the money to pay for our expensive homes, cars and all the latest technological gadgets, we only know we want it now, the cost be damned.
Read Tocqueville's ‘The History of the Rise and fall of the Roman Empire’ and see how close we are to Romans; apathy and no individual responsibility, not from the Roman government but from the people themselves. English politician and historian Edward Gibbon wrote “human freedom is the first wish of the heart; freedom is the first blessing of our nature. Yet when people shirk individual responsibility and expect more from government, he explained, they fall prey to tyranny.”
I won’t go much more into the details of Mr. Gibbon, but suffice to say this country was founded on the idea of religion and God and serving yourself and others through good works.  Ben Franklin once wrote, “do not depend too much upon your own industry, and frugality, and prudence, though excellent things; for they may all be blasted, without the blessing of Heaven; and, therefore, ask that blessing humbly, and be not uncharitable to those at present seem to want it, but comfort and help them. Remember, Job suffered, and was afterwards prosperous.”
Virtue, morality and religion are missing from our lives and yet the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. While a large portion of the population must be virtuous, in order to be virtuous they must have morals and to have morals requires that adherence to a religion that embraces charity as a pillar of it theology and recognizes a higher power than government.
We as a people have fallen to false idols, being led like sheep to slaughter, by the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We grumble and complain all the while keeping the wolf in power and forgetting God’s plan for us to be virtuous and moral and charitable. I am saddened by the numbers of those who have religion. In 1948 2% of Americans said they had no “religion.” By 2008 12% said that. I fear we have chosen government over God and like the Romans and the Spanish and the Greeks we too will fall.


FishHawk said...

Wow, this is incredible! Welcome back, my dear Sue!!!

What I hope to see is a president who will want to get rid of as much of the waste that is the result of incompetence and corruption as possible. For I have no doubt that we would have more than enough to fund all sorts of wonderful projects for the good of all, and significantly cut taxes, if our government would just stop throwing our money out of the widow and into greedy pockets.

Of course, before a president could even start to do anything about that, they would have to have the full support of congress, and this is where we come in. After all, do we not elect them?

Susan said...

The government will never change my dear, greed is rampant and God is wondering why his flock has deserted him. Before our government can change we as a people have to change our apathy and wasteful nature. We have to find a way to say NO MORE! We are the governors of change.The government was created to serve the people not the other way around. It is nice to be back my dear friend.

sweetswede said...

This reminds me of Colson's Law. Imagine a diamond shape:
Cops Conscience

Community and Chaos are vertical opposites, they can't exist simultaneously. Cops and Conscience are horizontal opposites, they can exist simultaneously but having more of one generally requires less of the other.

America is a community. To keep from falling into chaos, we have conscience. But as we have less conscience, we need more cops. An immoral nation, where "community" is preserved by outside enforcement, devolves into some form of tyrrany. This is why some of the Founding Fathers said our Constitution is fit for governing a moral nation and no other.

God bless!

FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping by here, my dear Josiah!!! That was an incredible comment, and I hope to see more of that here.