Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1,2,3...Kings of the NHL!

The [NHL] does not employ hard brackets in their play-off format.  Therefore, instead of playing the winner of the fourth vs. fifth seeds in the next round, an eighth seed would have to play the next highest surviving seed, and then do it again in third round of the Western Conference play-offs in order to make it all the way to the [Stanley Cup Finals].

That is exactly what the [Los Angeles Kings] have done.  For with them being the eighth seed, they faced the first-seeded [Vancouver Canucks] in the first round.  In the second round, they faced the second-seeded [St. Louis Blues], who had defeated the seventh-seeded [San Jose Sharks] in the first round.  In the third round, they faced the third-seeded [Phoenix Coyotes], who had defeated the sixth-seeded [Chicago Blackhawks] in the first round and the fourth-seeded [Nashville Predators] in the second round.

The Kings now face the [New Jersey Devils], who are not quite as good at math as the Kings are.  For they started out as the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference, but since they made it through, one could argue that it hardly matters.

Anyway, the broadcast of the Stanley Cup finals starts at 7 p.m. CDT tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 30, 2012) on your local NBC affiliate.  I’ll expect to see you there, and if you are rooting against the Kings, you have picked the wrong team again.  Hey, with them facing lower and lower seeds in each succeeding round, it has to be getting easier—right?

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Varmint Signs 15

It is a well-documented fact that animals, which will be referred to as being varmints here, will often start acting strangely on the eve of impending doom.  Therefore, a series about such sounded like a perfect fit for this site.  Okay, what will be included here may not have anything at all to do with any of that, but it should be highly entertaining.  If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may be in need of Bob Larson’s services.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baggage Battles

I must admit that my wife and I have not seen an episode of [Baggage Battles] on The Travel Channel yet.  Frankly, I don’t want her to.  For it might be as addictive as [Storage Wars], which would undoubtedly leave me with having to eat a lot more of my own cooking.

Nonetheless, my curiosity was piqued when I saw that one of the main characters on Baggage Battles was included in the following Nightline segment.  You would do well to pay close attention to it all.  For there will be a test afterward.

Did you catch what the Miami International Airport official said, starting at the 1:10 mark?  If you didn’t, this is what he said: “We take the time to make sure that we reconnect the item with the person, if that is possible.”

What about at the 1:40 mark?  “People leave it.  They forget about it.  They don’t need it.”

What about what [Billy Leroy] said at the 5:02 mark?  “It’s got all of his information in this bag.”

So, what happened with the Miami International Airport taking the time to make sure that they reconnect the item with the person?  Could it be that just can’t get good help down there?

Be assured that I can believe that there is no affordable way to reconnect with most of the disconnected baggage.  For the rightful owners of the bags landed somewhere else, and unless they did have their information inside, backtracking would be a mess.

On the other hand, I don’t think that the airlines/airports would mind going that proverbial extra mile if they were required to either provide free insurance for lost baggage or pay out-of-pocket for what was lost when a customer presented their check-in stub.  No, I don’t think that they would mind at all.  In fact, there might not be nearly as many disconnects with that law in place.

By the way, I wonder who provided Nightline with that information on 99% of all bags making it back to their owners?  It sure makes the airlines/airports look not so bad—huh?

Oh, I almost forgot to include that while I was looking for a specific page about Billy Leroy to provide a link to, I saw a link to a page about an actor by the name of [William Leroy].  Whoa, he sure looks like Billy—doesn’t he?

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Aints Again

Despite being HUGE [Peyton Manning] fans, my wife and I were thrilled to see the [New Orleans Saints] win [Super Bowl XLIV]. For we were both very sympathetic about what the city had suffered on account of [Katrina].

Furthermore, it was a thrill to see the team’s longsuffering fans finally being able to realize the exhilaration of being on top of the NFL.  Yes, the team had come a long way from the days of the [Aints].

It would seem that the management of the Saints long for those days of absolute ineptitude.  For they allowed a [bounty program] to go on right under their noses, which has cost them the services of their head coach for an entire year.

Oh, but wait—THERE’S MORE!  For [Joe Vitt], who has been suspended for the first six games of next season on account of the bounty program, has been named as the [interim head coach] in [Sean Payton’s] absence, and Vitt is not at all bashful about acting like a jerk whenever he can.

Speaking of such, the Saints general manager, who has been suspended for the first eight games of next season on account of the bounty program, considers [Drew Brees] to be a very good quarterback, [but not great].  This was after Brees broke the record for the [most passing yards] in a season, and now the Saints are acting like they don’t care if he ever plays another down for them [or not].

Yep, it looks like the Aints have done come marchin’ in again.  [Who dat?]  Indeed.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Idiotic Elitist

The object of my ire this time is [Ian Drew] of Us Weekly.  Did you hear what he said, starting at the 2:15 mark?  If you were still bedazzled by the Mirror Ball Trophy, what I am pointed to is as follows.

“William Levy, Katherine Jenkins and Donald Driver all had a lot to prove because no one knew who they were.  So, they knew that they had to be nice, but they also didn’t have a reason to have an ego.  They knew that.  They knew that the show was going to make them a big star here.”

Yes, he was talking about [William Levy], who has had millions of women literally drooling at mouth whenever he has appeared on their television screen for years.  He was also talking about [Katherine Jenkins], who may not be all that well-known here in America, but with looks like that, she undoubtedly turns heads wherever she goes.  Last, but certainly not least, he was talking about [Donald Driver], who is a fairly big star in the NFL, which is just the most watched thing on television these days.

Alas, isn’t his attitude akin to a pompous New Yorker thinking of [Newark, New Jersey] as being little more than a hamlet on account of it being on the wrong side of the river?  Of course, I could have missed his point.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Varmint Signs 14

It is a well-documented fact that animals, which will be referred to as being varmints here, will often start acting strangely on the eve of impending doom.  Therefore, a series about such sounded like a perfect fit for this site.  Okay, what will be included here may not have anything at all to do with any of that, but it should be highly entertaining.  If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may be in need of Bob Larson’s services.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Well, “my” timing is as good as ever.  For [GCB] has already been cancelled.

Therefore, there is no need to say anything else about it, but I do feel compelled to get at least one good shot in.  For the show was based upon [Good Christian Bitches], which is a way too accurate portrayal of some of the shenanigans going on for the comfort of many in the Christian community.

Alas, [Laodicea] today is more about it all being good to very little being anything close to it—with both positions being unpalatable unto our Heavenly Father.  May you truly hear what He actually says is absolutely true.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

YouTube Links

My journey from being as technically-challenged as anyone naturally can be to a master of all things computer-related has not been a smooth one.  In fact, I am still much closer to where I started from than where I would like to be going.

Nonetheless, some progress has been made, and in one of the areas, it is on full display for all to see.  For when I first started blogging, I had no idea how to do much of anything, and now, I think I can publish a fairly presentable piece.

No, I am not trying to take the credit.  For I have been made all too painfully aware of the absolute truth of the matter truly being that anything good I may do is actually on account of my Heavenly Father’s efforts—certainly not my own.

Anyway, one of the things I have learned to do is how to embed video clips, which has changed from the way that it could be done not so very long ago.  I can’t recall just when it changed, but the way I used to embed videos on the Blogger platform was to just include the code for the video in the text.  After clicking on “Publish,” the video would show up where I had placed it.

Yes, that was on the “Compose” page.  Whereas, the code now has to be added on the “HTML” page, which often involves some adjustments back on the Compose side.

Ah, but there is another way that is much easier when it is working as it should.  For one can click on the little button that looks like a [clapperboard] on the Compose page, and this will bring up a pop-up window that looks just like the image below.

The next step is to choose a source, and since the title of this piece is “YouTube Links,” you have probably already figured out that I will be selecting “From YouTube,” on the left side, which will leave the “Choose a video to upload” slot blank, and then you either type in or paste the URL for a particular video on YouTube, which will sometimes leave you with something like you see below.

Now, the reason why will sometimes leave you with something like you see below is up there is on account of this not being what you want to see.  For none of the options listed are for the video that I wanted to embed.

In such cases, the only recourse that I am aware of is to add the actual code for the video on the HTML page, and I wonder what is going on.  For I would think that the YouTube URLs would be unique to each individual video.

Yes, it may very well be just a glitch, but even in cases where this works as it should, why do videos completely unrelated to the search also show up?  It was a different bunch before, and the current selection will probably be replaced before long.

No, I don’t have a good feeling about this at all.  For if anyone should know how to fix something like that, I would think it would be Google, who just happens to own YouTube these days.

Okay, I suppose it is nothing to get too upset about, but I would like to hold Google to a higher standard.  After all, isn’t their motto: Be not evil?

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Varmint Signs 13

It is a well-documented fact that animals, which will be referred to as being varmints here, will often start acting strangely on the eve of impending doom.  Therefore, a series about such sounded like a perfect fit for this site.  Okay, what will be included here may not have anything at all to do with any of that, but it should be highly entertaining.  If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may be in need of Bob Larson’s services.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hacked Off

If you are not familiar with it, hacked off is an old expression that denotes being rather upset over something.  Kinda like ticked off—only different.

Truth be told, it is probably an expression that only someone at the end of a three-day drunk having some issues with an uncooperative bartender would likely use, but it goes fairly well with the topic at hand.  For it greatly upsets me to hear newscasters contributing to the dumbing down of America.

What I am talking about in this particular case is hearing the software engineers at Facebook being referred to as hackers.  For by [definition]: Computer hacking is broadly defined as intentionally accesses a computer without authorization or exceeds authorized access.

In all fairness, the definition that I am referring to does not appear to be chiseled in stone.  For according to the [Wikipedia article] on the subject: Hacking means finding out weaknesses in a computer or computer network and exploiting them, though the term can also refer to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks.  Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, or challenge.  The subculture that has evolved around hackers is often referred to as the computer underground but it is now an open community.  While other uses of the word hacker exist that are not related to computer security, they are rarely used in mainstream context. They are subject to the long standing hacker definition controversy about the true meaning of the term hacker. In this controversy, the term hacker is reclaimed by computer programmers who argue that someone breaking into computers is better called a cracker, not making a difference between computer criminals (black hats) and computer security experts (white hats). Some white hat hackers claim that they also deserve the title hacker, and that only black hats should be called crackers.

On the other hand, what generally comes to mind when you hear the term, hacker, being used, and wouldn’t it be advantageous for the bad guys to have no distinction placed between their nefarious intentions and those of legitimate programmers?  It does give you something to think about—doesn’t it?

Oh, and in regards to Facebook stock, look for the price to start heading south in a hurry not all that long from now.  For as was addressed in that Nightline segment, if Facebook yields to the demands of serious investors/traders by adding more and more advertising, it will fade into oblivion like MySpace, and if Facebook doesn’t yield, those serious investors/traders will dump their holdings.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

It Ain't Braggin'

[Dizzy Dean] was quite fond of saying, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.”  Since he is a [St. Louis Cardinals] legend as the leader of the [Gashouse Gang], I have to give him some slack.

As a side note, I was surprised to find that the Wikipedia article on the Gashouse Gang is incorrect about the nickname.  For it is actually referring to the perception (especially at the time) that most of the members of that 1934 team would have surely been on [death row] by then if they hadn’t become baseball players on account of being such an ornery bunch.  Of course, I could be sorely mistaken, but I don’t think so.

Anyway, getting back to the braggin’ part, what Dizzy Dean would like to say is somewhat different than what the Apostle Paul was given to say.  For it is written: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. [Philippians 4:13]

Alas, as with so many other things, the significance of that verse has waned considerably in far too many hearts.  For they are so focused on the fact that there is nothing good about any of us that they absolutely refuse to recognize the work of our Heavenly Father’s Holy Spirit in and through someone [Philippians 2:13].

No, I cannot naturally blame them for being that way.  For it has been widely taught for far too long that the ability to overcome any obstacle is available through Christ, but we have to actually do the overcoming.  Subsequently, that leads to a lot of so-called boasting in the Lord that is really just boasting about what we want to believe we have accomplished in His name as He cheers us on.

Yes, our Heavenly Father could certainly put an end to all doubts.  For He could actually stand on the sidelines and watch as those who want to believe that they have been empowered to wield the sword of truth and justice against all unrighteousness make complete fools out of themselves in the eyes of this world, and in many cases, He has.

You see, as it appears to be in a man-made army, a solider is given a weapon and trained in how to fight with it, but this is not the way it is with our Heavenly Father.  For He is really the One who is doing the fighting through us, and this is true of everything that we do in this world—from raising our children to making a living.

Nonetheless, it is so very important to know and understand that it all depends upon what He wants to accomplish in and through someone.  For He will raise some up in the eyes of this world while He will crush others, but in all cases, it will be as it should be in the end [Matthew 19:28-30].

Again, none of this means that we have nothing to do with anything.  For we all have a part to play, but instead of wanting to believe that we have done good, we would be much better off wanting to truly be thankful for the good that He has done in and through us, while humbly accepting that even this is another gift of His grace.

To bring it all home, it would have been wonderful if Dizzy Dean had of been fond of saying, “What I have done ain’t mine to brag about.  For it is the Lord God Almighty, who takes the mound, when it is my turn to pitch.”

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bob Ryan Needs To Get Out More

[Bob Ryan] is a long-time sports columnist for The Boston Globe.  He is also a fairly frequent competitor on [ESPN’s Around The Horn], which will be the focus of this piece (kinda, sorta).

Okay, I suppose calling Around The Horn, which airs at 4 p.m. CDT M-F, a completion is a stretch.  For the show involves four sports journalists trying to make points (both literally and figuratively) on a number of different sports-related topics, with the one with the lowest total being eliminated each round.  Subsequently, the last one left standing is declared the winner, and they are given 30 seconds to mouth off about anything they want.

Considering the fact that ESPN doesn’t even have a specific section for Around The Horn on their website, you may come to the conclusion that it is not to be taken all that seriously.  I do find it rather entertaining most of the time, however.

Much of this has to do with the “competitors” often taking shots at each other, and [Woody Paige] is usually a hoot and a half.  [Bomani Jones] is another favorite of mine.

On the other hand, you won’t be seeing Ryan having too much fun on the show.  Well, at least not as far as appearances go.  For his face stays in the same stoic expression as in that picture of him over there.

No, I do not think that it is a Boston thing.  For [Jackie MacMullan] hails from the same area, and she has come close to cackling with laughter more than a few times on the show.

Besides, I have seen Ryan acting almost gregarious on ESPN’s [The Sports Reporters], which airs at 8:30 a.m. on Sundays, and [Pardon The Interruption], which airs at 4:30 p.m. CDT M-F.  Hence, the title to this piece.

Of course, after searching for the specific sections for The Sports Reporters and Pardon The Interruption, I may have unfairly portrayed Around The Horn in a poor light.  For with there apparently being none to be found, it looks like the powers that be at ESPN aren’t taking any of their individual shows all that seriously.  Yeah, maybe I am the one who needs to get out more?

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Varmint Signs 12

It is a well-documented fact that animals, which will be referred to as being varmints here, will often start acting strangely on the eve of impending doom.  Therefore, a series about such sounded like a perfect fit for this site.  Okay, what will be included here may not have anything at all to do with any of that, but it should be highly entertaining.  If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may be in need of Bob Larson’s services.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Greed is not Good

A couple of weeks ago, our Heavenly Father clearly said unto me, “I will take what you do not want to freely give.  For greed is not good—especially when everything you have was given to you by Me.”  Be assured that this is a prophecy against the materially rich and powerful in America—from corporations down to individuals.  For with there being so many still unemployed, it is sickening to hear of so many corporations reaping record profits to the joy of their stockholders, and it is also sickening to see the materially rich fighting so hard in the political arena for the freedom to keep what they want to believe they have earned while millions do not have enough to eat—let alone a proper place to live.  To be clear, anyone with plenty to eat and a nice place to live is considered to be materially rich in His eyes.

I do not have a good excuse for why I have not published this sooner, but there it is.  Ignore at your own peril.

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