Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not What You May Think

Okay.  If you insist, it is on account of the incredible trumpet playing that I love this song.  No, it has nothing to do with the overt invitations.  Perhaps it makes me a colorist, but I do not find girls who can change colors with their mood very attractive.  Sorry.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Standing On Shaky Ground

From what I understand of Florida’s [Stand Your Ground] law, it allows someone to use deadly force whenever they feel threatened, regardless of where they are.  Being a self-confessed gun nut, whose neck has glowed (both literally and figuratively) with a particularly bright shade of red at times, I like it.  For I have always had a serious problem with having to wait until the bad guy is actually in my house before I can take measures to protect my family and our property, and woe be it unto me if they were to get back outside before expiring.

No, that doesn’t sound like a very “Christian” attitude, but it’s the truth.  For as I have been quite forthcoming about on many an occasion, our Heavenly Father has left far too much of “me” intact for my comfort.

On the other hand, He has made it abundantly clear unto me that there are times when turn the other cheek doesn’t apply, and if we will listen, He will tell us when those times are.  In other words, none of us has to depend upon our own understanding of His Holy Scriptures, nor the teaching of others not so unlike ourselves, to know what to do.

Oh, but after the senseless slaying of [Trayvon Martin], some adjustments to the Florida law is most definitely needed.  For regular people should be held to at least close to the same standard as police officers in determining whether the use (or attempted use) of deadly force was warranted—especially when an incident happened on neutral ground.

Alas, I really hate it when some idiot ruins a good thing for the rest of us.  For the murder (yeah, I said it) of Trayvon has the lily-livered liberals screaming about rednecks wanting a return to frontier justice, which will undoubtedly lead to another big push to take away our right to bear arms.  It’s a good thing it’s an election year (naturally-speaking, of course).

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Déjà Vu, Vietnam!

The title to this piece is meant as a tip of the hat to [Good Morning, Vietnam].  Yeah, it is confusing to me, as well.

Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be confusing to anyone that Afghanistan has become Vietnam all over again for us.  For the vicious cycle of secure--withdraw--re-secure of territory keeps being repeated at great cost to both lives and funds.

I suppose I still have some blind patriotism left in me.  For I do not consider Vietnam as being a lost war, but it sure was a humiliating mistake.  For after all of the napalm and agent orange had cleared from the air, even someone as conservatively cross-eyed as I used to be could see that many in the south had been playing one side against the other, and that the North Vietnamese weren’t about to take their marching orders from the Soviet Union—let alone communist China.

Hence, another Vietnam all over again in Afghanistan thing.  For President Karzai has been screaming for us to get out of his country in an effort to appease the Taliban, and since we can’t just kill them all, it is time to leave before the getting’ gets worse.

Sorry, some of “me” came out in that last part.  For I know that it would not be good for us to kill everyone in the region without caring about who was what, but the longer we leave our troops there as target practice for the enemy, who may have been considered friends just the day before, the more we will be hearing about massacres of innocents by the hands of those who were once innocent themselves.

Oh, and brace yourself for what will happen if SSgt. Bales is not quickly (we are talking about in less than a month here) sentenced to death, which would be a great tragedy in and of itself—regardless of how long it takes.  For there is not a doubt in my mind that he was not at all in control of his actions, but try telling that to a Afghanistan tribesman, who has grew up with blood for blood being a given.

No, I don’t think we will have to wait for a verdict.  For spiriting Bales out of the country is another decision that the ones who ran the show in Vietnam could appreciate.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Now?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Martin Bahir on Sarah Palin

Link: [On MSNBC]

What is even more horrifying to me is that there are still thousands upon thousands (if not millions upon millions) who hang on her every word in the hope of learning how to save our country from the evils of liberalism.  Why?  Seriously, would someone please help me understand?

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Construction Criticism

I couldn’t find the image that I wanted to, and I don’t know where it could be found.  For I first saw it as part of a television news story about families trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives after tornadoes swept across parts of Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee around a week ago.

Anyway, what was pointed out to me in this image was clean concrete blocks piled on the floor of what used to be someone’s living room.  No, there wouldn’t be anything too unusual about something like that in the aftermath of a direct hit from a fairly large tornado.  That is, except for the part about the blocks previously being a part of the outside wall of the house, and being clean—as in not having any mortar still clinging to them.

After seeing footage of the utter destruction of several very substantial-looking houses, the thought had zipped through more than once, but it was seeing an unintentional close-up of those clean concrete blocks that caused me to start paying closer attention to the possibility that much of the damage being more a result of poor construction than the power of the storm.  For I know for a fact that many homes in the last 10 years or so have been built with only their weight keeping them on their foundations, and using only enough mortar to keep bricks, blocks and flagstones standing fairly straight until the interior walls are up to provide more bracing would not be out of the question for an unscrupulous contractor trying to make as much profit as possible.

In all fairness, there were several older building also utterly destroyed, and one would assume that they were built better during a time when integrity was taken a little more seriously than it has been lately.  Ah, but one of the most destructive things about a tornado is debris being hurled about, and when one of even the lighter-weighted (around 30 pounds) cinder blocks hits the outside wall of a 100 year-old court house at over 130 miles-per-hour, something has to give.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He Got Me Again

The first few times I tried listening to [Rush Limbaugh] on the radio back when I was trucking all over the place, I just couldn’t do it.  For I found so much of what he had to say simply appalling.

The first few times?  Hey, it can get awfully boring out there after you have had your fill of what the advertisements say is the freedom of the open road, and after hearing some sort of reference to Limbaugh almost everywhere else I could land on the AM/FM dial, my curiosity continued to be piqued.

Anyway, it finally “dawned” on me that most of his outrageous comments were meant to be funny, and I quickly became a devout ditto-head, which is Rush-speak for a huge fan.  For I have a rather twisted sense-of-humor by nature.

Oh, but it was not meant to last.  For after our Heavenly Father started making Himself real to me, which involved enabling me to recognize things through His eyes, it became easier and easier for me to see that what Rush Limbaugh wanted and what our Heavenly Father wanted were two completely different things.

Alas, Rush got me again.  On second thought, maybe it was my Heavenly Father?  Anyway, I got sucked into the outrage over what he had to say about Sandra Fluke, and it had to be pointed out to me that he was trying to be funny again, which came days before Limbaugh made his public apology.

Yeah, I had to laugh—both at being so slow, and at what Rush had done.  For that rather twisted sense-of-humor of mine is still firmly intact.  Woe is me.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hank Fur Senate

Finally, a worthy [candidate].

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Have We Really?

Have we really become so arrogant (as a nation) that it is beneath us to apologize for making a mistake?  From the howls of protest coming from sea to shining sea over our president making a public apology to the Afghan people for the accidental(?) burning of some Qurans and religious texts while cleaning out a library on a military base in the country, it would seem that we have.

As indicated, there is another thing about the incident that bothers me.  For what were we doing burning books of any kind in the first-place?

No, the violent reaction of the Afghan people is certainly not helping.  For with them rioting in the streets and murdering U.S. servicemen, they just bolster the resolve of those who think that we have not done anything to apologize for.

Ah, but there is a warning in place that we would do well to heed.  For it is written: Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. [Proverbs 16:18 KJV]

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Amish

[The Amish] is a wonderfully (and sometimes painfully) honest documentary of a way of life that seems to be in more danger of dying away than ever before, and I must admit that I have greatly conflicting emotions about that.  For on the one hand, there is so much to be admired about such a simple way of life, but on the other hand, the Amish are a cult in every sense of the word.

Did you notice that I did not include humble with simple as a description of the Amish way of life?  There is a good reason for that—be assured.  For they are quite proud of their stand against the modern world.

No, I do not believe that you will ever hear one of them say as much, but it’s clearly evident if you listen close enough.  Of course, if I am listening to the wrong voice, woe be it unto me.

You can watch the entire show online [here].

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