Monday, February 7, 2011

How You Play The Game

What matters most is not whether you win or lose,
but how you play the game.

Yeah, tell that to the [Pittsburgh Steelers].  For they were just beaten in [Super Bowl XLV] by the [Green Bay Packers].

Was this punishment for the sins of their quarterback, [Ben Rothlesberger]?  I haven’t heard anything from our Heavenly Father about the subject, but I do not believe so.  For the Pittsburg Steelers exemplify class from the top to the bottom of the organization.  Well, at least for the most part, and a definite change for the good has been seen in Rothlesberger’s attitude.

Of course, most do not believe that our Heavenly Father has anything to do with sports.  After all, does He not have more important things to attend to?
No, not really.  For everything that happens in this world plays a part in the plan that He set into motion long before He created this world, and in this respect, many on even the losing side are seen as winners in His eyes.

You see, sports serve as a microcosm of life in this world, and [the law of the jungle] is certainly on display in the game of football.  For the way to win is to overpower your opponent's defenses, and the harder one hits, the more they are celebrated.

Yet, there is still room for fair play, which generally goes against the law of the jungle.  For there is nothing fair about eat or be eaten—especially when it is a lion going after a lamb.

A few days ago, I had an interesting thought about how the sport of [futbol] reflects the history of the old world, and that it is because of it being so familiar in the regard that is the reason why it is so popular throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.  For those areas are quite used to nothing really happening for very long periods of time, and then, someone will score.  Yes, it could also be argued that the reason why it is so popular over there is because all that is needed for a game to break out is something to kick and somewhere relatively out of the way to kick it, but some may find that offensive.

Okay, futbol is also huge in Central and South America, but how has their history been all that different than that of the old world?  For even during times of revolution, the new jefe is often not so unlike the old one.

No, not all are meant to be winners in the eyes of this world, but this does not mean that the losers have lost anything of any true and lasting value.  For when Judgment Day comes, “Many that (now) are first, will be last (then), and many who (now) are last will be first (then).” [Matthew 19:30 NIV]

Therefore, may we all strive to always do the right thing—regardless of whether it may spell defeat or not.  For the game that we are all really playing truly is a matter of eternal life and eternal death.