Friday, February 25, 2011

Does God Love Homosexuals?

According to most researchers, genetics plays a major role when it comes to sexual orientation. Although the environment and experiences may also affect one's choice and preference, it is rarely the case that a person should suddenly become or turn gay overnight. In those instances, it may be that the person already had genetic predisposition, but decided to ignore or reject those tendencies.

The dilemma concerning sexual orientation and religion may run something like this: Should the person give in to his sexual urges or should he fight against them? If, as some religious groups claim, it is against nature and hence against God's will, then why are they created in this manner in the first place by God Himself? Does God like to make people suffer? Or is God testing the faith of homosexual people by giving them extra challenges?

The first one is out of the question because it is in direct violation to the definition of God's attributes. The second question deals with temptation, but why would gays be singled out? Why make it more difficult for them and why deny them to obey and follow their natural inclination? It is in fact the Catch 22 of homosexual love: From the person's view it is a natural choice, whereas from society's view it is supposedly an act of “perversion against nature.” Either way, the homosexual is doomed.

Now what about overcoming the homosexual impulses and become, more or less, straight? This proposition is fraught with many difficulties. What good would it be if the homosexual person establishes a family based on lies, make believe and pretense? Who is ultimately benefiting from this charade? The wife will not have a husband, and the homosexual man will not be happy with his lifestyle, while their children, should there be any, will be confused by the behavior of both of their parents.

Nobody would win in that situation so that it seems to be out of question as well unless you believe that homosexuality is a “disease” that can be “cured.” But if you are calling one's sexual orientation, which we have agreed upon as genetically programmed, then one's skin color could also fall in this ominous category of “diseases.” And that is just equally absurd.

By eliminating all of those options, we are left with only one possible answer, namely that God accepts and loves each and everyone unconditionally, regardless of color and sexual orientation. Jesus accepted the poor and the crippled and the prostitutes. Would Jesus not have accepted gays as well? What makes them inherently different from the rest of us? Why should they in any way feel ashamed for the way nature has created them?


Mike Golch said...

if man was ceated in God's image that god does not make mistakes he created the persons who are Gay and Strait.END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!

Roschelle said...

Most certainly agree with this post and thank you for sharing!

FishHawk said...

Back before our Heavenly Father started making Himself real to me, I absolutely hated the very thought of homosexuality. In fact, I honestly believe that I would have at least tried to do major bodily harm to one if I had ever been "hit on."

Needless to say, it came as a great shock to me to hear what our Heavenly Father had to say about my attitude towards homosexuality. For He informed me that as far as He was concerned, all of the women I had illicitly been with over the years could have been men. For fornication is fornication.

No, our Heavenly Father does not hate homosexuals, but homosexuality is still a sin. Therefore, it is something to be repented of.

In other words, it is the same with homosexuality as it is with lusting after someone of the opposite sex out of wedlock, which may or may not involve any actual sexual activity. Be assured that this is something that I still have to endure. For I have a very great appreciation for the beauty of some female forms, and just the thoughts in my head are enough to send me over the line.

Hence, my absolute dependency upon His immeasurable grace. For I can repent of my natural urges a thousand times a day, but until He delivers me from this torment, they just keep coming back.

As in regards to our Heavenly Father making us in His image, should it not be rather obvious that we are merely a poor reflection of His holiness in this world? Be assured that this will change when our time as a part of this prison comes to an end.

No, it is not that our Heavenly Father wants us to suffer, but it is all part of the plan that He set into motion long before He created this world--to a much greater extent than we can even start to naturally comprehend! For even what we would consider to be the most wonderful of lives in this world is absolutely miserable in comparison to the worst of lives in His Kingdom of Heaven.

Ah, but here we are faced with the "fairy dust" possibility again. For it may very well be that I am as deluded as anyone ever has been, and only personal revelations from our Heavenly Father can calm the storms that so often rage in our hearts and minds.

Susan said...

This subject is just as filled with "dangers" as any other emotional subject that people are going to disagree about. Kind of like talking about religion. Are we to judge our fellow man? We each have our opinion about what is right and what is wrong, what is deemed a sin and what is not. Yes I know what the good book says about about many things. How do we then explain a transexual person. If a male changes himself into a female and has sex with a male, what does that mean? This crosses into territories that are very gray, don't you think?

sweetswede said...

To echo Jerry a bit, the Bible requires heterosexuals to control completely natural sexual urges. So homosexuals are in no way singled out in respect to constrained sexual impulse.

At any rate, there is an underlying assumption here that needs to be addressed. As I see it, the argument goes something like this:
1. Homosexuals have impulses to have sexual relationships with members of the same sex.
2. Therefore, such relationships are legitimate.

There is a missing premise between 1. and 2. Namely, the premise to connect them should be: "Natural impulses define legitimate relationships."

That is a very suspicious premise indeed. One given no justification in the course of this post. But it's late, and I must get to bed.

God bless!