Monday, July 30, 2012


This piece picks up where [Stupid] left off.  For there is more to the word that is commonly used to describe a state of not knowing something than what is generally understood.

For quite a while, I considered being called ignorant a great insult.  For it implied that one did not have the capacity to know and understand something.

Then, somewhere along the way, I came to embrace the notion that being ignorant of something was nothing to get too upset about.  For to be ignorant was actually nothing more than to be without knowledge and understanding, and that no one from amongst us can be expected to know and understand everything.

Yeah, “I” really liked that revised definition of ignorance.  For it allowed me to feel better about myself when I was the one who did not know and understand something, and to not be so judgmental of others, which holds all sorts of other personal benefits.  For when you are willing to give others a break, it is often returned when dealing with the right kind of people, and even when it isn’t, you get to feel like a better person than them.

All of that is naturally-speaking, of course.  For ALL knowledge and understanding about EVERYTHING comes from our Heavenly Father [John 15:26], and when someone truly is in a state of ignorance, they are ignoring what He wants them to know and understand [Hebrews 5:11-6:3].

Subsequently, being in a true state of ignorance is actually wickedness.  For it is written: Hear and pay attention, do not be arrogant, for the Lord has spoken.  Give glory to the Lord your God before he brings the darkness, before your feet stumble on the darkening hills.  You hope for light, but he will turn it to utter darkness and change it to deep gloom.  If you do not listen, I will weep in secret because of your pride; my eyes will weep bitterly, overflowing with tears, because the Lord’s flock will be taken captive. [Jeremiah 13:15-17 NIV]

Yes, it would be different if we had to depend upon others not so unlike ourselves to know and understand what our Heavenly Father wants us to.  For even the most dedicated amongst us are prone to failures, but since our Heavenly Father will make sure that no one can honestly say that they did not fully understand everything that He wanted them to, come Judgment Day, all are without excuse [Romans 1:18-20].

Nonetheless, do not assume that it is the same for all.  For it all depends upon what our Heavenly Father wants to accomplish in and through someone that determines when (and to what extent) He will allow and enable them to enter into His absolute truth, and in some cases, it may not be until just before they take their very last breath in this world that He will remove the scales from their eyes while others will be able to see things through His eyes from the time they take their very first breath in this world.

Ah, but who is so blind as the one who does not want to see?  For it is also written: It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age and who have fallen away, to be brought back to repentance. To their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting him to public disgrace.  Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God.  But land that produces thorns and thistles is worthless and is in danger of being cursed. In the end it will be burned. [Hebrews 6:4-8 NIV]

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Friday, July 27, 2012


When I heard that [Mercy Hospital] in Springfield, Missouri was named the [sixth safest hospital] in the entire United States of America by [Consumer Reports], I actually shuddered.  For it is the very same hospital where my first wife, Sam, couldn’t receive any medication while having Vicki, our first daughter, on account of there being no doctor (let alone her OB/GYN) around to order it.

It is also the very same hospital where it was determined that the only thing wrong with my right knee was arthritis, which was proven to be outrageously untrue.  In fact, after I had it x-rayed at the other major hospital here in Springfield, the radiology tech asked me if I had been in a bad automobile accident on account of how damaged my right knee was.

Oh, but wait—there’s more!  For it is also the very same hospital where my sister-in-law almost died from an infection after having surgery, but in all fairness, it was one of the emergency doctors there that finally recognized that “that” smell about her was rotting flesh.

Okay, Springfield’s Mercy Hospital was still St. John’s in all three of those cases, and I suppose it is possible that drastic changes in the quality of care could have come with the name change.  On the other hand, it only took a score of 70 out of a hundred (I assume) to rank as the sixth safest in the country, with the safest scoring a 72.  Just makes you want to rush out and get a medical procedure done—doesn’t it?

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Not Senseless

There are a lot of people calling the [Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre] senseless, and from our own ground-based points-of-view, it most certainly does.  For there appears to be no other reason for it but to kill and injure a great many people.

Nonetheless, let us not forget that everything really does happen for a reason, and the movie theater massacre is no exception.  For it gave us to clear examples of our Heavenly Father still being actively involved in our daily lives.

The first example was the shooter just stopping and calming walking out of the theater to stand by his vehicle when he still had thousands of rounds left and dozens of clear targets in front of him.  Be assured that this happened as a result of our Heavenly Father telling the demon to leave the shooter.

The second example occurred when one of the shooter’s neighbors balked at going through his unlocked front door to see if the blaring techno music could be turned down.  Hey, she has even said that it was on account of something inside of her that made her very reluctant to go through that door, which would have probably resulted in her death on account of the front door being booby-trapped.

In response to those who are wondering how a good and loving Heavenly Father allow such a tragedy to happen in the first-place, please understand that our lives in this world can be just the beginning of our existences and that even the very best of lives in this world is absolutely miserable in comparison to the worst of lives in our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom of Heaven.  Ah, but of what comfort is that to those who do not want to believe it?

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Smokin' Hot!

We have a new weather person on one of our local stations.  Her profile says that she is actually a meteorologist, but that appears to be in question.  For on the July 12, 2012 10 p.m. CDT broadcast, she said, “There is nothing worse, I think, than having the really hot temperatures, but the fact that we’ve just had this drought for so long, it makes it that much worse because the dryer air is able to heat up faster.  So, that’s why we get those heat index values so incredibly high.”

In an attempt to allow her to retreat some from the position she took, I emailed the following to her.  I would like to thank you for setting the record straight (indirectly) about 110 Degrees in Phoenix not being so bad because it is a "dry heat" by explaining that dry air heats up faster, which is the why heat indexes get so incredibly high, last Saturday on the 10 p.m. newscast.  For I have been in 110 degree heat in Phoenix, and it sure didn't feel all that good!  Of course, you might have a tough time convincing the rest of the meteorologists out there.  For they have been explaining that the heat index is derived from air temperature and humidity, with the higher the humidity, the higher the heat index.

She sent the following reply.  Of course. I always like to try and explain what I know to the viewers out there. While heat index is a result of the air temp and humidity, it chances vastly from region to region.
Thanks for watching!

If you don’t get it, the [heat index] indicates what it really feels like, which is derived from a combination of the actual air temperature and the relative humidity in a given area.  In other words, it is just like [wind chill] that is talked about by meteorologists in the winter time, which is derived from a combination of the actual air temperature and the wind strength in a given area.

In an attempt to connect dots a little further for you, it is true that heat indexes can vary greatly from area to area, but this has nothing to do with how dry the air is.  That is, except in reverse of what she was saying.  For areas near bodies of water (stream, rivers, swamps, large ponds, lakes and oceans) can have much higher heat indexes than those with the same actual air temperature that are not so near bodies of water on account of the relative humidity usually being much higher near bodies of water.

I was advised against clearly identifying her.  Suffice to say that she is fairly smokin’ hot in appearance, and her voice doesn’t sound like fingernails scraping a chalkboard.  Therefore, she should have a successful career as an on-air personality on local news outlets, but this is a far cry from truly being a meteorologist—let alone a journalist.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Atrocities Abound

Unless you have been completely out of it for quite a while, you probably already know all about the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado.  Oh, but do you really?  For that matter, do any of us really know?

No, I am not about to stir the conspiracy fires, but at the risk of sounding plumb asinine at a time like this, I would like to focus more of the atrocious reporting of the tragedy in this piece.  The image above should give you some indication of what I am talking about if it hasn’t already been brought to your attention.

It all started around 7:00 a.m. CDT when our television was first turned on, and my wife asked me if I knew about what happened in Aurora a few hours earlier.  I did not at the time, and she went on to inform me that 12 were dead, which was about the same time as I was reading a [MSNBC] headline that declared that 14 were dead.

Yes, I understand that it is very difficult to keep the facts straight when dealing with multiple “official” sources of information at a scene like that.  However, around an hour later, the breaking news banner that could be seen on the screen under a correspondent reporting live from the scene had, “12 Dead, 50 Hurt,” while she was reporting that at least 12 were dead and 38 had been wounded.  Since 12+38=50, was it that 50 in total were hurt, with 38 of the rest being just wounded?  After all, casualty counts from war zones are usually presented as the number of dead being separate from the number of wounded, unless clearly specified otherwise.

[CNN] and [FOX News] were also reporting 12 dead, 50 hurt at the time.  So, do not think that I am being unfair to NBC News.

3-4 hours later, the breaking news banners were finally changed to read, “At Least 12 Dead, 38 Wounded.”  By the time for the [NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams] to air, the reported casualty count stood at 71 shot, 12 dead and 59 wounded.

Be assured that we love Brian Williams.  For he comes off as a highly-respectable journalist with a great sense of humor, which is a combination that my wife and I find very appealing.  So, it hit even harder when during an interview with an eyewitness to the movie theater massacre, we heard him tell her, “We Americans do not make much eye contact.  So, I can’t blame you for not getting a good look at his face,” or something quite similar.

In all fairness, it may have been on account of not being used to the thinner air, or that he was trying to make other reporters feel better about themselves.  For aside from Brian’s comment being rather insulting to most (if not all) who do not live in (or at least spend a great deal of time around) a run-down inner city, asking the eyewitness if she had seen his face was a waste of airtime since it had been already established that the gunman had been wearing a full gasmask.  (Okay, maybe not.)

As for [CNBC], they appeared to be going about their usual business every time I checked.  That is, except for the one time when I heard it being reported that the gunman had a .40 caliber [Glock], another unidentified handgun, a [Remington 870] shotgun and a Smith & Wesson AR-15-type assault rifle.  Granted, he was close, but I wonder how many at both Smith & Wesson and Colt will be all that forgiving?  For Colt is the maker of the [AR-15] while Smith & Wesson has the [M&P15].

No, I am not expecting absolute perfection, but I do hope for much better news coverage than what we have been offered lately.  Alas, in a day and age when one has thousands of news outlets available, I would think that all of the major networks would be making more of an effort to get it as right as possible—albeit only just in the hope of keeping what share of the market they still have.

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The Great Brazilian Beer Company!

Be assured that it has nothing to do with having money to invest in the stock market.  For our Heavenly Father seems bound and determined to have me and my family live by faith and not by sight [2Corinthians 5:7] by having us live from paycheck to paycheck—quite literally.  Nonetheless, I have found myself being more and more attracted to the programming that [CNBC] has to offer.

On the surface, there is a lot more going on there than just what could be assumed.  For like it or not, business and government are joined at the hip—if only for the reason that it hard to keep productivity at the optimum when enemy tanks are rolling down the street in front of the plant.  Subsequently, a lot of politics is discussed.

Of course, the main topic of conversation is economics, but aside from politics, this also involves product lines, marketing, financing, energy availability, workforce readiness and even the weather.  In other words, EVERYTHING effects business trends in one way or another.  Therefore, EVERYTHING is at least touched upon during a typical broadcast day.

Another thing that I have found rather attractive about the CNBC reporting is that it is generally very politically-neutral.  That is, except for [The Kudlow Report].

Furthermore, I have not noticed them making a whole lot of mistakes.  Of course, it helps when you don’t really understand half of what they are talking about.

However, there was one when time when one of the rotating panelists on [Fast Money] boldly announced (three times, no less!) the headline for an upcoming segment, “The great Brazilian beer company…”

In all fairness, I think that it had to be more of an inside joke than pure stupidity.  For I would think that such a high-profile analyst would know that [Budweiser] is actually a brand name of [Anheiser-Busch], who is now owned by [InBev], which is more of a Beligian company than a Brazilian one.

It still irritated the snot out of me.  For our Heavenly Father has yet to remove all of my nationalist pride, and adding all the more to that particular [thorn] is that Anheiser-Busch owns my beloved [St. LouisCardinals], which would make it a Belgian baseball team in a technical sense, I suppose.  Not that I have anything against Belgium, but…

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Taxing Situation

Probably not to the political junkies, but to the rest of us, all of the back and forth over whether or not to extend the [Bush Era Tax Cuts] is taxing in every sense of the [word].  For President Obama wants to extend the cuts to everyone but those making over $250,000 a year, and the Republicans are not having any part in that.

Alas, it is just politics as usual, and in an election year with the White House being contested, it is understandable.  It is still taxing—especially to those who believe that what is in the best interest of the country should take precedence over what is in the best interest of a political party.

Oh, but that is exactly what each side is insisting that they are doing.  For the Democrats insist that the wealthy can afford to be of more help to our country during a time when more than ever are in need of government assistance on account of the economy being so bad while the Republicans insist that adding to the tax burden of the wealthy is a huge mistake because they are the ones who [create jobs], which is exactly what is needed to get out economy hitting on all cylinders again.

So, why not purpose a compromise where all monies spent on job creation are tax deductible?  Would this not appease both the liberal hunger for what the wealth have and the desire of the wealthy to maintain some semblance of control over every penny they can obtain by any and all means necessary?  That is, of course, unless too many of the wealthy have no plans for creating any more jobs.

No, such a proposal would never make it out of committee.  For it is too simple—not to mention rather transparent.

Besides, such a proposal would be at best merely a light bandage for a wound that needs some serious stitching.  For we would have more than enough money to balance the budget, pay off the national debt, make the American economy more vibrant than ever and fully fund all sorts of programs that would be of great benefit to all of the citizens of the United States of America without having to raise taxes a bit (in fact, taxes could probably be significantly lowered in a few years) if our leaders would just get serious about getting rid of as much corruption and incompetence as possible—starting with the federal government and continuing all the way down to the local level.

Yeah, like that would ever happen, but one can still dream.  There isn’t a tax on dreaming—is there?

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Friday, July 6, 2012

No right to complain-Doing what you have to do

Doing what you have to do waylays all the excuses one may come up about why something is the way it is. Our world today and the culture is more about complaining than doing.  I've found that many would rather complain than to step forward and do something about anything.  If people are not willing to do what they have to do, especially when they know what to do, then they do not have the right to complain.

People's reasons for something also becomes their excuses for the same thing.  Don't get me wrong, some reasons are very valid and extreme, but not all.  Many times the reasons people use are to justify themselves and their behavior, but these same reasons also becomes their excuses for not doing what they needed to do.  For some it's just easier for them to complain about something than it is to do what they have to or need to do. If this is the case, then why complain.  By not doing what they have to do or need to do they forfeit their right to complain it about to anyone.

People that are not willing to do what they have to do have no right to complain about anything.  The only time one may be justified of complaining is only after they have done whatever it was they needed to do.  Now with that said, this is the only time that constitutes a legitimate complaint, but they also continue doing what they have to do while they complain.

And so it is with God.  Many people would rather complain about what God does or doesn't do, not realizing that a lot of what God does or doesn't do resides with them and doing what they have to do.   Even if Christians are not willing to do what they have to do in order for their lives to be pleasing to God, then again, they too have no right to complain.  They forfeit that right.  God will do what He says He would, but people are different.  They say they're going to do something but never get around to doing it and yet they constantly complain.  And then here comes the excuses.  Oops I mean reasons of justification why they didn't do something.

One thing about God is that you can always trust that He will do what He says He will do, no questions asked.  But people on the other hand still would rather complain about God than to do what He is asking them to do. However, they do not realize that by complaining and not doing anything they have no right to complain about not seeing the blessings of God manifest in their own lives.

The only way for God to bless His people is for them to do what they must do in order for Him to have the freedom to bless them.  And what people have to do or need to do is to obey His commands and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. This means that by doing whatever it is they need to do or even have to do God will do for them just as He did for Jesus.   God will do for those who follow closely in the footsteps of His Son Jesus.  In other words being a true disciple of Christ will waylay a lot of the complaining among God's people.

"I'm just sayin'."

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Daze of Our Lives

The more I listened to a pastor of a church talk about how angry he had been (and still is to a certain extent) at our Heavenly Father for allowing the lives of two of his children to be cut way too short, the more I felt compelled to shake my head in dismay.  For when someone who does not know and understand what is really going on in this world holds a position of authority over others who do not know and understand, it is truly a blind leading the blind situation.

Yes, the death of one’s child is most certainly a very sensitive subject, and if you are familiar with [The Crackerhead Chronicles], you should know that I have spent way too much time being way too upset over less.  In fact, I still suffer from such weakness far too often.  So, please do not think that I am completely bereft of sympathy—not to mention compassion.

Nonetheless, let us look at our time as a part of this world through our Heavenly Father’s eyes.  For even what we would naturally consider to be the most wonderful of lives in this world are absolutely miserable in comparison to the worst of lives in His Kingdom of Heaven.

No, that does not appear to bode well in His favor, and if our time as a part of this world is all that will ever be to our existences, we would be most justified to think that He surely created most (if not all) of us to be the objects of His scorn—certainly not His affections.  Ah, but the biggest points of all to this matter is that this world was never meant to last but a little while in comparison to the whole of eternity, and that our time as a part of it was never meant to be the end of our existences.  Furthermore, there can be more to our continued existences than what any of us can even start to naturally comprehend!

Perhaps it would be helpful to think of our time in this world as being like teenaged years in a natural sense.  For there were things that we truly believed at the time had to happen or life would not be worth living anymore—things that are no longer nearly as important to us as adults, such as going on a date with someone or having a particular style of clothes to wear.

In my own case, I was in absolute agony for around six months on account of my parents not letting me go get a driver’s license as soon as I turned 16, and the agony intensified when they refused to let me drive by myself after I had scored a 100% on the written part and a 98% on the driving part of the licensing test.  Be assured that there were other life or death situations, but that 10-month period of time was the worst to me.

No, this is not to suggest that not getting a particular present on your fifth birthday was any less traumatic at the time, but the cares of life always weight heaviest on teenagers.  Hey, I do believe that there are even scientific studies to prove it!

Through it all, a good parent should always be patient with their children—regardless of at what stage of development they may be.  Be assured that this is the way our Heavenly Father always is with all of us, but there is a time to grow up in both a natural and Spiritual sense.

Yes, the physical death of very young children may deprive their parents of much joy and satisfaction in the remaining years of their lives in this world.  On the other hand, could this not actually spare them from having to endure more anguish than what any of us would naturally want to bear, and who would know better about what is yet to come than our Heavenly Father?