Monday, May 30, 2011

Deemed Perfection

Passing Storm
Grindstone MB
Photographed by: C Mousseau
April 2011

Deemed Perfection

Transcended beyond limitations one meets a destined path
Hovering alongside a mystical depth inexplicable of time
Omnificent being begets the soul of my keepers heart

Mindful thoughts forge through the silenced disposition
Averted means of conduct quiver the skin of desire
Sanctioned trust diversifies all logical decrees of stated passion

Deemed perfection is a state of peaceful serenity within the heart of one's love!

Written by C Mousseau
November 13 2003


FishHawk said...

I am so very thankful for you being a part of The Trib, my dear Chris. For you interject a sense of hope in the midst of such negativity. Not that negativity is necessarily bad. For when things are going wrong, it is good to point it out, but it easy to get trapped in a downward spiral.