Friday, May 27, 2011

My Thoughts

When I first published that image last Monday, it was under the title of, [Any Thoughts?]  The only one to offer any was [Lavender Darwin], which was about it being the work of another angry skeptic mocking Christians.

His thought was consistent with my first one, and I was absolutely outraged.  It didn’t last very long, however.  For my great anger was quickly overwhelmed by a feeling of deep sorrow that resonated to the very core of my being.

The next thing to happen added all the more to the intensity.  For our Heavenly Father softly asked, “Has not such ridicule been greatly encouraged by so very many who openly profess to be Mine?”  The only thing that I seemed capable of doing at the time was to slowly nod my head in agreement, which I did.

No, the great sorrow that I was feeling was not my own.  For I was being given another taste (so to speak) of what our Heavenly Father has been enduring all of these years.

Yes, it is naturally inconceivable that the Creator of all that exists (apart from Himself, of course) would subject Himself to such, but I cannot imagine why anyone in their right-mind would want to believe otherwise.  For if it is indeed true that there is only so much that He can do, there will not be all that much of a paradise for any of us after we physically die.

Yet, it is being preached from pulpits far and wide that our Heavenly Father, the Lord God Almighty Himself, will not interfere with our freewill.  So, does it not seem much more likely that most were created to be the objects of His wrath—certainly not His affections?

Of course, that is countered by preaching that He will come to the aid of all who will put their trust in Him.  So, where was our Heavenly Father at when a tornado took the lives of at least 125 people in Joplin, which is a town plumb full of Christian churches, last Sunday?

Be assured that the answer to both of those questions is very simple, and it has to do with our ground-based points-of-view.  For this world was never meant to last but for a little while in comparison to the whole of eternity, and it is arguable that our lives do not really begin until our time as a part of it comes to an end.

Nonetheless, the time we spend in this world is still very important—especially to our Heavenly Father.  For this is when He can receive the most satisfaction from us, and He will pour out His gratitude for all of eternity upon all who will but want to give Him the full benefit of their considerable doubts.

Ah, but just how much satisfaction can He truly receive from those who refuse to even consider the possibility that they have been in His very presence since they were conceived in their mother’s womb—let alone actually talking to them?  Alas, is it not any wonder that His heart is so full of sorrow?  For He loves all of the ones who are perishing just as much as those who really do want to truly have a very close and personal relationship with Him.

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