Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wonders of our chosen paths on our life journeys.

Our life journeys bring us on various paths. Some of these paths have twists and turns, some have summits, peaks and valleys, and others bring us on the straight and narrow. Now all of these paths help shape us into the people we are today. The good experiences bring about feelings of joy, happiness and abundance in the aspects of our views on life. The bad experiences can bring about self-doubt, uncertainty and some fears to which all have experienced at some point in our lives.

Now I would like to think of these so called "bad experiences" as tools to provide us with life lessons. Tools that when looked at from a different perspective can bring about enlightenment, truths, and certainly hope. Hope that we learn from these "mistakes". Hope to give us a point of reference so that we can better ourselves.

Everyday, we have choices on which paths we choose within our journey. Often as human beings we are so hard on ourselves when we supposedly "didn't make the right choices". I say, "Pish! Posh!" We made these choices for a reason. We can always choose to come back, to turn left or right or just keep on trudging along merrily in our desperation, fears and anxieties. but to look back on our life filled with regrets or thoughts of negativity over these choices is a clear choice to impede your own growth.

The growth you needed in order to become the person you've shaped yourself into. We grow everyday on our paths of discovery. You can choose to embrace the changes needed to learn and grow. You have the choice! You make the decision! It is ours to gracefully accept the wonders of our chosen paths on our life journeys.


FishHawk said...

Well, it has been made clear for me to see that we really don't have as many choices as we would naturally like, but I would not be nearly as miserable as I am if I could just let go of my own expectations and humbly accept the way our Heavenly Father has chosen for me to go.

cmousseau said...

Some choices are there "seemingly made for us". But they are there for us to choose to grow and to learn from these experiences.

In letting go of our perceptions of mistakes and taking in the lesson that has been brought about from them is a true gift. This gift helps to shape us into more compassionate, respectful, understanding people.

So choose to let go! Trust in yourself and in the knowingness that things can be ok! Life is too precious to waste our times in misery and sorrow and self-loathing. Choose to live in harmony, respect and with love in your heart. It is well worth the feeling of self-love!

FishHawk said...

Well, you are certainly right about us having the choice of using our experiences to help us to grow or refusing to see any good coming out of them. Thanks!

G. D. Dooley said...

I struggle with the good and the bad, both sides. I use the verse in psalms that says it was good that I was afflicted so that I may learn the ways of God and His statues.

But I do struggle with the choices because the choices made has led me to where I am today and I am not to sure I am content where those choices has led me and put me.

But the one thing I am certain of is that with God I am okay and He is all the good I need to continue on, even in the midst of my regrets and negative thoughts.

FishHawk said...

@G.D.: Please do not stop earnestly seeking for our Heavenly Father's face, and I don't mean by attending church services and reading your Bible, neither. Not that either one is a waste of time, but they were given to supplement the very close and personal relationship with our Heavenly Father--not serve in His absence!

Alas, this is one of things that I feel the most guilty about. For I now know, which goes far beyond merely wanting to believe, that He has been with me since even while I was in the womb, and yet, I still feel so miserable. How can this be? For if I truly believe that our Heavenly Father is absolutely perfect in all of His most awesome ways, why do I keep feeling like I am missing out on the best He has to offer?

Several years ago, I asked Him why did it have to hurt so bad, and He answered, "Why do you think it is called suffering?" Even as miserable as I felt at the time, that cracked me up. So, maybe His grace really is sufficient, after all?

Lavender Darwin said...

"...but to look back on our life filled with regrets or thoughts of negativity over these choices is a clear choice to impede your own growth" - easy words to say but not always so easy to follow when you've got horrible mistakes etched permanently into your skull. Dwelling on those mistakes helps you avoid making the same mistakes again.

cmousseau said...

I too have made horrible mistakes and have suffered within my own path. I choose to look back on these so called mistakes as a choice to look back and see the growth and potential of betterment instead of dwelling within my own misery and sufferings.

The words aren't as easy as you may think. They come from a deep healing process which expresses some deep truths that come from seeking a loving light. It uplifts the soul and brings more love within the heart of the most deperate situations encountered.

Dwelling doesn't help make you avoid the same mistakes. Growing and learning from these mistakes definitely helps. I am not saying not to look back to those moments as there can always be new-found lessons within these moments. However, dwelling on them with a negative tone does impeded any potential of growth that may have occured and can definitely stop yourself from reaching the beauty that lies ahead of you and within the present moment.

Be gentle with yourself. Seek loving guidance within these moments in order to give you strength. Through loving eyes, thoughts and actions shall we reach the greatness of the truths of our paths which unfold for us every day.

Know that you are never truly alone :)