Thursday, May 5, 2011


If you are wondering what is going with all of the changes to [You], I was attempting to say enough without saying too much, and it wasn’t working.  Hence, the changes.

You see, the absolute truth about our freewill truly is that it is actually extremely limited.  For it is only in regards to the choice that we are given to make about whether or not we want to truly be one of our Heavenly Father’s children by faith that we can be confident of the fact that there will not be any divine intervention involved.

No, this is not to say that our Heavenly Father has absolutely nothing to do with it.  For no one could come to accept His only begotten Son as their own personal Lord and Savior without Him allowing and enabling them to, but the actual choice must be freely made in order to satisfy His desires.

Be assured that this is not always the case with our daily lives in this world, and it shouldn’t be very hard at all for anyone in their right-mind to see that.  For many of the wealthiest and most powerful people really are blithering idiots while many mired in abject poverty are actually absolutely brilliant.

Hey, there is even Scripture to back that up.  For it is written: Who shows no partiality to princes and does not favor the rich over the poor, for they are all the work of his hands. [Job 34:19 NIV]

So, why do so many so easily go along with the premise that all are created equal, and that it is the choices we make that determines the course of our lives?  I know the answer.  Do you?

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Hi friend,great post you have here.It's really nice to be back once more to your lovely blog.
Hope you good.It has been a while we since connected so I decided to pass by and say hello and also let you know that, I have just posted the "5" steps to mind liberation so come check it up and comment. Will be following you and expecting to share and learn from you respectively.Have a wonderful and fruitful day hoping to hear from your lovely self again. A million thanks in advance.


FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping again, my dear Ebenezer!!! I'll be over to check it out muy pronto.