Monday, March 4, 2013

Mean Ol' Marissa

The “stuff” was starting to hit the proverbial fan pretty good last week after it was leaked that [Yahoo!] CEO Marissa Mayer would be no longer allowing employees of the company to [work from home].  For more and more companies around the world have been allowing more and more of their employees to work from home whenever it was possible, and this has been especially popular with working parents of small children.

Ms. Mayer cited there being a need for more creative collaboration between employees on projects as being the main reason for the drastic policy change, which I find as being rather strange coming from the chief executive officer of a major internet portal company.  Of course, it may very well be that she was just trying to be honest about her believing that there is only so much that can be accomplished online.

Nope, I am not buying it.  For Mayer’s turnaround of Yahoo! has not been going as well as promised, and she is trying to force a great increase in productivity to appease her detractors.

In all fairness, Ms. Mayer came from Google, which is where great things are accomplished on a regular basis by many employees who would rather be at work than home.  There is a very good reason for this.

No, I do not believe that Ms. Mayer has any desire of following Google’s example of insuring the happiness of their employees as much as possible.  For if she did, she would have announced plans for making the offices at Yahoo! be more like that of Google’s, and then start gradually pulling in home-workers without the threat of losing their jobs if they did not comply.  Be assured that I would be very glad to be completely wrong about her intentions.

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