Friday, March 29, 2013

HLN: Head Line Nitwits

First of all, I would like to make it as clear as possible that none of this is meant to reflect badly upon [Robin Meade].  For I have watched her with great intensity on her [Morning Express] news show, and I cannot imagine how anyone (from among us, of course) could look any better in front of a camera.

Listening to her is another matter entirely, however.  Although, I am perfectly willing to accept that routinely delivering a big headline and then cutting to a commercial break is not her fault.

A prime example of what I am talking about happened a few days ago when the lovely and talented Ms. Meade leaned in toward the camera and said something about [CBS’ The Amazing Race] starting off their last aired episode with an [apology].  I am sorry.  I do not remember just exactly what she said, but what I do remember is what appeared on the television screen approximately a half-second later was several fairly attractive ladies twirling umbrellas.  Thirty seconds or so afterward, it was made clear that what I was watching was a commercial for Target.  Around 15 minutes and two and a half segments later, the actual report about The Amazing Race’s apology was aired.

No, I just do not get it.   For according to all sorts of news stories on scientific studies, we are now well into an age of 30-second attention spans at best.  So, why would televised news outlets insist upon stringing their viewers along?

Yes, I get that this is a tactic for the benefit of their advertising partners.  For at least a dozen commercials aired between the time that the lovely and talented Ms. Meade delivered that headline about The Amazing Race apology and when the actual report finally came up in the rotation, but with their now being literally thousands of different news outlets available to anyone with access to the internet, just how many of their initial viewers will still be there to hear the rest of the story?  Of course, the lovely and talented Ms. Meade truly is a sight to behold…

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