Friday, November 9, 2012

Still Serving Unsweetened Tea

No, this has nothing to do with dietary options.  Although, it is arguable that it really does.  For if partisan politics doesn’t take a backseat to truly addressing national concerns, there will be some very lean years waiting for America (the entire world, actually) after we dive off of the looming [fiscal cliff].

Alas, it has been quite appalling for me to see that nothing has really changed with the dust clearing from the last election.  For the [Tea-Partiers] keep screaming for the line against Obama to hold, and the Republican leadership in Congress appears to be listening.

Oh, but I get it now, and I am feeling rather stupid.  For many of those who are screaming the loudest against making any attempts at compromise with President Obama and the Democrats are actually instituting a brilliant plan to get tea removed from the political menu completely!

You see, it is looking like President Obama and the Democrats are serious about wanting to work with the Republicans in the best interest of us all, but unless the Republicans want to also play nice, nothing constructive will come to fruition.  So, when we fall off of the fiscal cliff right after the first of the year, everyone on both sides of the political spectrum will be getting a very rude awakening, and come the next election in two years, all of the Tea-Partiers will be swept out of office with great fanfare.  Hey, there may actually be dancing in the streets!

Therefore, the next time you run across a written article (or a spoken presentation) accusing President Obama and the Democratic leadership of planning for the concentration camp imprisonment of all prosperous white people who are not card-carrying communists, please resist the urge to tell them to just shut up.  For they are actually working in the best interest of everyone who wants a strong and prosperous America remaining the leader of the free world for the benefit of all of humanity everywhere.

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