Friday, November 2, 2012

Google Giveth

While checking on our bank account online yesterday, I discovered something that came as quite a shock to me.  For there was a deposit from [Google Adsense] for $100.18!

Yeah, they finally sent a pay-out.  It took almost six years, but there it was.

No, I do not have any Google Adsense ads on here.  For I figured that it might be more trouble than it would be worth trying to share the possible revenue with all of the contributing authors, who would be as entitled to a share of the sex cents per click as I would be.

I have had it on [AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles] since the very beginning, but with my total earnings being stuck at a little over $80.00 for the past three years or so, I had pretty much given up all hope of ever actually receiving a dime from the Google Adsense program.  For they won’t send anything until the total reaches at least $100.00.  Yeah, didn’t Google’s motto used to be, Be Not Evil?

Okay, I suppose that really isn’t fair.  For the blogging platform is provided free of charge, and so is the opportunity to make some money from advertising, which is something many people like me would most likely never have on account of not attracting enough attention.  After all, why would an advertiser pay to develop and place an ad on someplace that it may never be seen by very many people at all?

Anyway, my wife and I are very grateful for any help we may we may receive, and we are most certainly not discounting our Heavenly Father’s hand in this—be assured.  Nonetheless, I want more.  (LOL?)  (Please?)

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