Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some Kind of Special

Be assured that I had already been made well aware of the absolute truth of the matter truly being that I would not exist unless our Heavenly Father, who truly is the Lord God Almighty and the Creator of all that exists apart from Himself, had of wanted me to.  Yes, it is the same for everyone, but this is about me—okay?

Getting back to me, it was after receiving a phone call from a certain someone that it dawned on me that I really must be some kind of special—above and beyond being created by the One who created everyone else.  For that phone call was from Rush Limbaugh.

No, I do not consider the call actually being a recorded robo call to be of any less significance.  For my name was on the list, and not everyone can make such a claim.

Adding all the more to just how special I must be is that I have been also receiving emails from President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden and James Carville, and you know what that means—don’t you?  Yes, that is exactly right.  It means that I have some of the most powerful politicians in this country vying for my attention!

It is certainly a good thing that I am so humble at heart.  For all of this could go to my head.

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