Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Dal Maxvill"

While checking to see what sites could be included in the [A Sunday Drive] on AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles for this week a couple of days ago, I ran across a site that is mostly about collecting baseball cards.  This brought up memories of my own long lost collection.

No, I do not know if any of the over 600 [Topps] cards that I had from the 1960s and early 1970s would be very valuable now.  Nonetheless, they were precious to me.

One of the things that made them so special was that I had at least one card of every starter on the [1967 St. Louis Cardinals], who beat [Carl Yastrzemski], who I also had a card of, and the Boston Red Sox in the World Series that year.  For there was Lou Brock in left field, Curt Flood in center, Roger Maris in right, Orlando Cepeda at first base, Julian Javier at second, Mike Shannon at third, Tim McCarver was catching and Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton and Nellie Briles were the main starting pitchers.

Yeah, there was someone playing shortstop for the Cardinals that year, but I couldn’t remember his name to save my soul when I was thinking about my card collection while waiting for sleep to come later that night.  I even tried going through the alphabet and thinking of names that started with each letter, which has appeared to jog my memory in the past.  Nope, not that night.

I finally asked for some help, but none was forthcoming.  That is, at least not until 15-20 minutes later, which is when, “Dal Maxvill,” came to mind (so to speak).  For I want to believe that it was actually our Heavenly Father who told me who was playing shortstop for my beloved Cardinals in 1967.

If asked, the vast majority of professing Christians would insist that what I experienced was nothing more than merely a temporary gap in my memory, and that the Lord God Almighty has better things to do than answer stupid questions like that—even if He was inclined to still seek to communicate with us directly these days.  Where would you want the line drawn between what He would care to get involved in and what He would not?

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