Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ron Hearst Rocks!

It was brought to my attention that it would only be fair to write about when a member of one of our local news teams had me cheering out loud after [ranting] about the poor quality of many newscasts lately.  Oh yeah, my wife actually came a-runnin’ to see what was going on when she heard me hollering, “Now, that’s what I want to see!”

What got me so pumped up happened a few days back as I was watching a weather segment where [KY3 Chief Meteorologist Ron Hearst] was showing the movement of a couple of fairly severe thunderstorms in the area.  While he was doing so, he noticed a blue text box in the lower left part of his presentation screen with a message bout 1.75” hail reportedly falling 10 miles north of Terre Haute, and since Terre Haute is in Indiana and around 320 miles to the northeast of us, he pointed to the text box and said that he had no idea why it was there.

Hip! Hip!! HOORAY!!!

Seriously, that is all I am looking for!  For I know that none of us are perfect, and I can imagine just how hard it could become to keep everything straight while doing a live newscast.

Whereas, what has been happening far too often is no acknowledgement of anything being wrong!  Such as when another member of the KY3 news team on another broadcast went right on to the next story after reporting that a bull rider had been bucked off and trampled to death almost immediately after the chute opened at the beginning of the attempted 8 MINUTE ride at a rodeo in a town just over the Kansas state line (I think) when the ride is an 8 SECOND one!  (Needling someone about making a mistake like that would make for some great witty banter—don’t you think?)

Another recent major misinformation malfunction occurred when the anchor of another station’s newscast ended the evening with a funny little story, along with footage of the incident, about a bear checking out the lobby of a ski lodge at [Angel Fire], and calling it an Albuquerque resort, which would be like calling [The Lodge of Four Seasons] a St. Louis resort.  For they are both around 150 miles away and much closer to other well-known locations that could serve as a point of reference, such as Taos and Santa Fe, in the case of Angel Fire.  

Alas, I do not know if this means that the people in charge also don’t have a clue or that they just don’t care, but local newscasts around here are becoming a joke.  Still, they can serve as a place to hear about things that can be searched for elsewhere to find out what may be really going on.  So, I’ll keep trying to watch.

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