Thursday, August 16, 2012

5-Hour Energy Fraud?

With me suffering from [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome], my ears really perk up when I hear something about a product that might give me more energy.  Sadly, most are nothing more than a concentrated dose of caffeine, which offers no relief for me.

I have been wanting to give [5-Hour Energy] a try, but I have been reluctant to waste any more money on something basically worthless.  If you listen close to what is being said in the following commercial, I think you may come to the same conclusion as I have.

Did you catch, “Over 73%, who reviewed 5-Hour Energy, said they would recommend A low calorie energy supplement,” which is most certainly not the same as 73% of the doctors actually saying that they would recommend 5-Hour Energy to their healthy patients who use energy supplements?  Come on now, how much confidence can one really have in a product being marketed by a company trying to be that slick?

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