Friday, August 17, 2012

Protecting Public Piety

By a wide margin last week, Missouri voters added what is being called [the prayer amendment] to the state constitution.  The reason why it is being called the prayer amendment is on account of it [guaranteeing] the right of citizens to make public expressions of their faith, which includes praying.  Another part of the amendment gives students the right to opt-out of classroom activities that conflict with their religious beliefs.

Oh yeah, liberals from all over are lining up to [challenge] the constitutionality of the amendment.  For we can’t be having prayer vigils being held in the hallways of our public schools while serious scientific learning should be taking place!

Alas, it is indeed a sad situation, but not for the reason that the more devoutly religious want to believe.  For no man-made law can prevent anyone from praying in the way that our Heavenly Father most wants to hear.  Neither can any amount of teaching on any subject lead any child too far away from Him.

Therefore, what are all of these “good Christians” really trying to accomplish?  Is it not that they are really wanting to protect the right to show anyone around just how pious they are?

No, what they are doing is most certainly not for our Heavenly Father’s glory.  In fact, they are doing more to diminish it than anything else.  For if you listen close enough, you will hear them (in effect) declaring that He needs them to be witnesses by praying out loud in public so that the lost can be saved, as well as (in effect) declaring that what He actually says is absolutely true cannot stand against the lies of the devil being presented as scientific fact.

Now, there would be great cause for concern if it all really did come down to His servants making a stand against evil.  For there has been a shadow across the land since the Garden of Eden, and it has been getting steadily darker with each passing day.

Oh, but what far too many (even in the Christian community) refuse to truly believe is that nothing has ever happened that wasn’t in accordance to our Heavenly Father’s will, and that He has always been with each and every one of us (even those who do not want to acknowledge His existence) every step of the way.

No, this is not to say that everyone will eventually be saved from facing eternal damnation.  For it would not fulfill our Heavenly Father’s purposes to force anyone to have to spend all of eternity with Him in His Kingdom of Heaven as an heir to all that is His in glory against their will.

In any event, be assured that the Lord God Almighty does not need anyone to do anything for Him.  In fact, He delights in taking a personal interest in every aspect of our daily lives in this world, and come Judgment Day, no one will be able to honestly say that they did not fully understand everything that He wanted them to because He will make sure of it Himself.

Tragically, that is not something that far too many in the Christian community want to hear—is it?  For they want to believe that He is depending upon them to finish the work in His absence that was started on the cross at Calvary.  For if He is not, what glory can there really be for them?

Yes, much of that sounds awfully harsh.  I am sorry, but the time has come for such.  For He has been making it abundantly clear for quite some time now that there is much about what has been presented in His name as being the truth that is quite contrary to what He actually says is absolutely true, and He has provided His Holy Scriptures as written confirmation of that.  Yet, the hardness of far too many hearts remains exceedingly great.

If you don’t believe it, please ask Him about it yourself.  Ah, but who is so deaf as the one who does not want to hear?

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Brenda said...

Hi Jerry,
I have to agree that praying out loud in public is not scriptural.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Brenda!!! Well, there have been times (such as King Solomon's dedication of the new temple) when our Heavenly Father has instructed someone to pray such a prayer as a witness to those in attendance, but most of what has been going on for far too long now is based entirely upon assumptions that should not be made. Making it even worse is that our Heavenly Father has told them so, along with many other things, but since most do not want to even consider the possibility of Him still seeking to speak directly to us, everything He says is summarily dismissed as being nothing more than merely an idle thought, and even when it is too realistic to easily dismiss as such, the message is considered to be of the devil since it is not what they want to hear.

Brenda said...

That's true Jerry,
but Solomon was dedicating the temple amongst God's people then, not trying to be seen by men, most of whom may not even believe in God. Yes you are right about your last sentence too, and didn't the pharises two thousand years ago accuse Jesus of His cleansing as being from the devil? So too when He tries to cleanse even the 'pharises' of today themselves , it is often thought of as not being a word from the Lord.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Yes, that was true about Solomon, and his prayer was authorized by our Heavenly Father--just like Jesus' was when He prayed, "Father forgive them. For they know what they do," which was made in "mixed" company (so to speak). Therefore, please do not think that all prayers spoken out loud is wrong, but the vast majority of them are. For they are, as He gave you to say, meant to be seen and heard by men (and women, of course) for the personal glory of the one giving the prayer.

Quite sadly, the same can be said of the vast majority of all acts of Christian service for far too long now. Be assured that it will be as it should be in the end.

Brenda said...

That's right, it is not the prayer itself but the reason for the prayer, and who it is intended to glorify. God alone knows each heart. He is the judge.