Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What A Pig

If you were not already aware of it, I am a HUGE Arkansas Razorbacks fan.  This is especially true of the football team.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as any great shock that I was horrified to learn of the sex scandal involving the head coach and the lovely young lady over there on the left.  Well, to be completely honest about it, I was actually horrified to learn of [his firing].  For my beloved Razorbacks were set to make a serious run at another national championship, and losing the one who had put it all together (naturally-speaking, of course) just might make the upcoming season a lost cause before the first national anthem is sung.

No, it has not eased my anxiety any that a replacement was found so soon.  For if [John L. Smith] really is up to the challenge, he wouldn’t have been easing into retirement by taking the head football coaching job at his alma mater, [Weber State], which is in a division lower than Arkansas.

Yeah, talk about being a man of high moral character, himself.  For Smith left Weber State high and dry when he accepted Arkansas’ offer of a 10-month contract.

I wonder how this will affect recruiting in the meantime?  For if I was a blue-chip quarterback with the likes of Alabama, LSU, Texas and USC begging me to go play for them, I would sure want to know if I could get along with the next head coach at Arkansas—not to mention if he would be running a pro-style offense that would help me become a high NFL draft pick when the time came, or another kind that wouldn’t.

Of course, none of that will matter all that much to me if I find myself watching Smith holding the national championship trophy high overhead in [Miami] next January.  So, who is a bigger pig than me?

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Belinda said...

As a Razorback fan myself, I too was horrified to learn all this. A cousin and I were discussing this type of thing over the weekend and the question was posed... Are Arkansans just stupid when it comes to hiring and supporting folks who turn out to be sleaze bags? Or do we just not care, as long as we think it will profit us? Food for thought.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Thanks for stopping by, my dear Belinda!!! Alas, I fear that it has more to do with not caring about anything but winning than anything else. Although, I was generally impressed with the way the coaching staff were having the players conduct themselves during the games. For I can't recall seeing any taunting and dirty hits--certainly not to the extent seen with other schools, who seem to have recruited mostly thugs to fill their roster.

Belinda said...

You make a good point Jerry. After reading so many facebook posts from those who were angry Petrino was fired, it was obvious the only thing they cared about was winning a national championship. When anyone posted about leadership and guiding young men, they were slammed with posts about a coach being hired to WIN, not lead their boys. It's very sad. I too was encouraged by the way the players conducted themselves during all the hooplah.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Belinda!!! Alas, I wish we could get another Frank Broyles, who generally exhibited great class while guiding team after team to victory after victory.