Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Lesson To Learn

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Be assured that there is much about my life in this world that I would consider to be anything but good.  At the top of that list is losing my first wife to one of my best friends at the time.

No, I do not mean to besmirch her character.  For if I had of lived up to even a fairly small percentage of the potential I had exhibited during our courtship, I have no doubt that we would have been celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago.

If you have read [The Crackerhead Chronicles], you know that I almost lost my mind over losing her.  In fact, some would argue that I really did lose it, and I would be hard pressed to offer a rebuttal.

On the other hand, I now know that losing her was giving me firsthand experience with what our Heavenly Father has been dealing with since the Garden of Eden.  For the love that He has for us is more passionate than what would be considered to be the most torrid of love affairs in the eyes of this world, and it tears His guts out when one of us rejects His advances.

Yes, it is naturally inconceivable that the Creator of all that exists (apart from Himself, of course) would subject Himself to such anguish.  After all, if He truly is all-powerful and all-knowing, couldn’t He have made us to where we had no choice but to love Him with all of our hearts, minds and souls?

Be assured that I would not have given Sam any choice but to love me forever if I was the potter of her clay, but just how valuable would that love have really been?  Moreover, could it have been honestly considered a love at all?

No, I don’t think it could have been, but being the pathetic loser that I naturally am, I wouldn’t have cared.  Our Heavenly Father does, however.

Hence, one of the main reasons for our existence in this world as we naturally are.  For in order for our Heavenly Father to receive the very special kind of love He desires, He had to give us a choice of whether or not we wanted to love Him back.

Yes, there are other factors to consider.  For by keeping His glory hidden from our physical sight, our Heavenly Father made it much harder for us to want to love Him, which makes the love that He receives from those who are willing to give Him the full benefit of their considerable doubts all the more satisfying.  Nonetheless, it all comes back to Him wanting to be truly loved by us, which is a love that has to be freely given.

Speaking of a more satisfying kind of love, I have been given some firsthand experience with that, as well.  For with me exhibiting very few signs of great potential these days on account of suffering from very poor health for a number of years, there is no naturally-recognizable reason for why my beloved Arlynda should love me as much as she does.  It is, of course, a love for me that He has placed in her heart, but she still has some choice in the matter.

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