Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baggage Battles

I must admit that my wife and I have not seen an episode of [Baggage Battles] on The Travel Channel yet.  Frankly, I don’t want her to.  For it might be as addictive as [Storage Wars], which would undoubtedly leave me with having to eat a lot more of my own cooking.

Nonetheless, my curiosity was piqued when I saw that one of the main characters on Baggage Battles was included in the following Nightline segment.  You would do well to pay close attention to it all.  For there will be a test afterward.

Did you catch what the Miami International Airport official said, starting at the 1:10 mark?  If you didn’t, this is what he said: “We take the time to make sure that we reconnect the item with the person, if that is possible.”

What about at the 1:40 mark?  “People leave it.  They forget about it.  They don’t need it.”

What about what [Billy Leroy] said at the 5:02 mark?  “It’s got all of his information in this bag.”

So, what happened with the Miami International Airport taking the time to make sure that they reconnect the item with the person?  Could it be that just can’t get good help down there?

Be assured that I can believe that there is no affordable way to reconnect with most of the disconnected baggage.  For the rightful owners of the bags landed somewhere else, and unless they did have their information inside, backtracking would be a mess.

On the other hand, I don’t think that the airlines/airports would mind going that proverbial extra mile if they were required to either provide free insurance for lost baggage or pay out-of-pocket for what was lost when a customer presented their check-in stub.  No, I don’t think that they would mind at all.  In fact, there might not be nearly as many disconnects with that law in place.

By the way, I wonder who provided Nightline with that information on 99% of all bags making it back to their owners?  It sure makes the airlines/airports look not so bad—huh?

Oh, I almost forgot to include that while I was looking for a specific page about Billy Leroy to provide a link to, I saw a link to a page about an actor by the name of [William Leroy].  Whoa, he sure looks like Billy—doesn’t he?

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