Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Idiotic Elitist

The object of my ire this time is [Ian Drew] of Us Weekly.  Did you hear what he said, starting at the 2:15 mark?  If you were still bedazzled by the Mirror Ball Trophy, what I am pointed to is as follows.

“William Levy, Katherine Jenkins and Donald Driver all had a lot to prove because no one knew who they were.  So, they knew that they had to be nice, but they also didn’t have a reason to have an ego.  They knew that.  They knew that the show was going to make them a big star here.”

Yes, he was talking about [William Levy], who has had millions of women literally drooling at mouth whenever he has appeared on their television screen for years.  He was also talking about [Katherine Jenkins], who may not be all that well-known here in America, but with looks like that, she undoubtedly turns heads wherever she goes.  Last, but certainly not least, he was talking about [Donald Driver], who is a fairly big star in the NFL, which is just the most watched thing on television these days.

Alas, isn’t his attitude akin to a pompous New Yorker thinking of [Newark, New Jersey] as being little more than a hamlet on account of it being on the wrong side of the river?  Of course, I could have missed his point.

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