Friday, September 23, 2011

Kiddie Cage Fighting

I must admit that the most shocking part of that piece to me was the dad saying, “If he wasn’t in this environment, what would he be doing?  He’d be standing on a street corner raising havoc."  For I can see where something like that would be exploited by strangers when there is enough money to be made, but parents are supposed to be more protective of their own children—right?  Besides, aren’t 8-9 year-olds supposed to be in school and then busy doing their homework when they get home after classes end for the day?

Evidently not.  For little boys have been fighting mixed-martial-arts bouts in [Carthage, MO], which is a town around 45 miles to the southwest of us here in Springfield, for several years now.

To be quite honest, MMA fighting is not all that appealing to me.  For the vast majority of the “action” is merely a couple of guys grappling with each other until one of them looks like he might get hurt, but that’s missing the point by a mile—isn’t it?

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Lavender Darwin said...

So let me ask, whats the difference:

1) Parents send their young kid to fight with another boy in a cage match?
2) Parents send their young kid to fight with another boy in the public school playground?

Honestly this isn't all that shocking. I've seen the same level of barbarity in the 7th grade playground at my school. But if it's in the State school system, it's ok, right?

FishHawk said...

I see your point, my dear Lavender. Perhaps the difference would be if the parents were sending their kid in to be a bully on the playground? For my dad sent me back to fight another second-grader, but that was not meant to be a regular occurrence, which is not the case with cage fighting.

T.R.R.R. Paisley Ledbetter said...

Did you go crying to your mommy after you got your butt beat a second time, oh mighty gutless one?