Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Coffee

I must admit that I was just like far too many others when news of the lawsuit against McDonald’s over their coffee being too hot first hit the headlines almost twenty years ago.  For I had no idea that it was standard operating procedure to keep their coffee at between 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit, and what kind of damage could occur from even a limited time of direct contact.  So, I assumed that it really was just another frivolous lawsuit aimed at diving into the deep pockets of corporate America.

I finally conceded that the image that was originally published of what happened after Ms. Stella Leibeck, of Albuquerque, NM, accidentally spilled a cup of McDonald's coffee on her lap might be too graphic for some delicate sensibilities.  So, you need to now click-on the black image to see them.  Do so at your own risk.

The [Hot Coffee] documentary starts off with that case, but it is really more about the battle over tort reform in the United States legal system than anything else.  Be assured that it was an eye-opening experience for me.

In all fairness, the documentary may have been decidedly slanted in favor of those who oppose many of the measures proposed to limit the amount of damages that a jury can award an injured party.  Nonetheless, it would be very hard to feel much sympathy towards the other side in the cases they did cover.

Yes, “stuff” happens, and in those cases, I do not want to see millions of dollars being awarded for something that could not have been reasonably prevented.  On the other hand, when something dangerous is suspected and ignored, a message needs to be sent.  Who better to do that than a jury of our peers?

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