Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thinking out Loud: World Governments, Societal Class Equates Slavery, The Internet & Humanity

In a world where nearly everyone is connected with an online presence, having a small group of people represent constantly evolving and shifting perspectives is archaic. It is simply a matter of time before this old system which is failing to properly represent a true reflection of the nature of humanity crumbles indefinitely.

Regardless of the type of government itself, it could be a Monarchy, democracy, fear-instilling dictatorship, fear- instilling dictatorship cloaked as a democracy... at the end of the day each of these governements is high atop the social paradigm while the rest of us slave away at pennies per hour, each coping in our own way. The familiar sense of boredom sets in, a wondering if there is more to our experience. So we passify our hearts desires with what ever distraction succeeds in dopifying our minds, numbing ourselves in a way that makes our monetary slavery ok for a while... and we forget again.

The old system comes from a time long before the internet. It comes an age before that of the television era. It comes from a time when people were being slaughtered for having beliefs that we're different than those in power. In some places that slaughter still occurs today. In the West, our actions against each other is the sword that delivers the final blow. Each of these governments provide us with a false sense of security of our needs being met and that governments are governed with best interests of the people in mind. There is a very distinctive difference in the meaning of that previous sentence "...the best interests of the people" and the "...people's best interests" as the first implies the perspective of an observe and the second implies interests that belong to the people. The thing about perspective is that it occurs based on the limitations that surround the one perceiving, so in this case it is relative to the heart and mind of the governing body.

Now, I return to my opening statement. In a world where nearly everyone is connected with an online presence, having a small group of people represent constantly evolving and shifting perspectives is archaic. Every day a large majority of us connect to a network, a web, a global conscious hive. We contribute information to a singular "brain" made from an array of smaller "brains". We have created something for us to connect to, it is expansive and subject to growth. It is both large enough to encapsulate consciousness and small enough for us to observe. We share information instantaniously, formulate opinions faster than in previous years. We have access at our finger tips to the global mind. This singular brain (now known as Frank) is a much more accurate voice of the people. This singular brain IS the people. It represents a portrayal of humanity that spans upon all polarities of the human experience. Whatever you choose to query will bring about information relative to said notion. Except we are approaching the collective mind, the collective reality and the collective imagination.

Those that pay attention have observed real time censorship occuring as major players continue to censor and control information as though we still continue to live in the dark ages. While the major players involved in the old systems fight to regain control and quickly build a new castle while the people pummel through the walls. We continue to struggle for equality in our social classes bound by the belief that nothing will change and that this is just the way of the world. You see, the belief that we are powerless to change the world around renders us powerless to change the world around us because we have invested our faith in it. As soon as our faith in that belief breaks down, then change happens. This is why distraction is so important. Boredom is the feeling that comes about when we are seeking change in our current circumstances. Distractions were created to dopefy that desire, temporarily alleviated the need to seek for those sheep that have gone astray. Those who can't be distracted get medicated and told that they are't normal, but wasn't that decision simply a perspective of a small group of people? But we believe because that is what we have been told, and why would they lie to us? Aside from our money and our energy... what more could they want? Whatever thought the majority of us vibrate at determines what the world around us looks like... and then our individual beliefs, circumstances and choices continue to shape it further. When we grow, our world changes. When our world changes, we change.

It is time to stop buying into the notion that our world is sick because some aspects of it are different. It is time to stop self medicating every time feel boredom and embrace this change that we continue to seek. This current of change will carry us straight towards everything we have wished to be a part of our experience. We have reached a new height and wil we pause momentarily to observe the world below us. We laugh zelously at the folly of the system while the players reach frantically at our feet hoping to pull us in for one last time. You can try to distract me with your primal fear cookie or censor information from me with your distortion cookie... I might even take a bite and IF for some reason I do not gag on your garbage it will most likely make me sick anyway. Simply because I recognize when I am being poisoned. Time to shake off the toxic self-serving doom and climb a new mountain, one of love, compassion, and the acceptance of all of the aspects of the human experience that form the singular internet brain called Frank.

Remember this if you find yourself placing yourself below or above another:
It is not the people who are ill, but merely the perspective of a dying system brought to life by a small group of people who sought power without considering its cost.

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FishHawk said...

Would "Frank" be kin to honest?

Lavender Darwin said...

Everything will changes once the global electrical grids are knocked out in 2012. Just wait.

FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping by, my dear L.D.!!! Is this supposed to be on account of solar flares or something else? I haven't heard.