Friday, April 29, 2011

Dog Wars

I first ran across this on [Dogs Deserve Freedom] while doing my daily [Adgitize] visits a little bit ago, and I was absolutely shocked that anyone at Google would approve such an app for their Android-powered phones.  After all, isn’t Google’s motto supposed to be, “Be Not Evil?”

If you would check out the comments [here], which is where I got that video from, you will see several comments stating that the report is premature.  For the game has been only temporarily taken down, which is supported by [this] article.  Go [here] if you want this game permanently dropped.

Alas, I really hate to go along with the knee-jerk reactions about the end of the world being near when something truly awful is brought out into the light.  For I have been made acutely aware of the fact that what we hear about in the news today is not all that different from what could have been reported thousands of years ago.

On the other hand, with Dog Wars being made available, along with the I-Phone [Baby Shaker] game a couple of years back, it does make me wonder if things really are getting worse.  For who in their right-mind would want to develop a game like that?

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DogsDeserveFreedom said...

THanks for posting this. It gets a bit crazy some of these apps. I remember hearing about the babyshaker app and the hype that came along with it ... I don't remember if it was removed or not though.

FishHawk said...

You are most welcome, and thanks for being so considerate, my dear DDF!!! Yes, the Baby Shaker I-Phone game app was removed fairly quickly, and I applaud your efforts to get Dog Wars permanently removed from Google's Android apps.