Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creative Expression: A Tree with Many Branches

A few evenings ago I wrote a story in my journal and I thought I would expand upon it slightly and share it with all of you.

Once upon a time our language was simple. As a means to express the brilliance of the beauty within ourselves and in the world outside of us, words were each planted within the heart. As these words grew they branched out into more words and sounds. In our efforts to form expression - a likeness of beauty, we have confused ourselves further by complicating our language. As a result, we have distanced ourselves from each other, over misperceived communications of the degrees of such beauty while filtering through a layer of emotions.

None the less, these words took root within our hearts and grew into trees with many branches. Each branch developed an identity. It became it's own word, strong in its belief about who it was and what it meant to be that specific word-branch. If that weren't amazing enough, the beautiful, yet, confusing growth of a multitude of identities within the tree caused it to become divided within itself. It began to perceive the tree as something separate from itself, denying itself, refusing to acknowledge something which was distinctively a large part of its being. It began to see other branches, as completely different words, instead of a piece of the same tree. Each word-branch is only a slightly different representation of the root word.. Maybe the energy went to another section of the tree... maybe the lighting conditions were better at a different part of the tree. It is still the same tree. When we focus solely on the branch, depending on the angle and perspective, we often do not see the tree.

Our brains have interpreted these new word-branches and upon breathing life into them gave them the choice of how they would grow within us. How they would shape themselves poetically within our hearts. As a result, these word-branches defined their identities. Our creations, birthed, experienced meaning and became individual new words, separate from the original root word. But only separated by belief.

Word-branches like people have fallen to greed... some hog all the light while they leave others in their shadow; it becomes a grand scale energy battle of epic proportions. Word branches like people have focused on other branches or peoples differences in an effort to be more individual and often better/worse depending on how that word-branch or person is feeling at the time of perceived focus. But yet the word-branches pay no homage to the original word root that unites them all. In our case it would be the energy and dust particles from the big bang that form our very being. Every thing else is all perceived vibrations and light particles that behave both determined and randomly forming some extremely intricate designs that just happen to be capable of perceiving itself, others and even self actualizing. Pretty amazing.

What we tend to forget within all of this separation occurring on as many levels as there are branches to this tree... is that together all of these branches form a tree and that together all of us people form a collective experience. All of our the words and feelings within our hearts feel a forest, each of us a forest of words and feelings.

How many of you praise the sun that gives light, or the earth that bears life? Few of you take earnest responsible for the seeds you sow. They are creations of the heart and mind and so is your experience, it is your perceived universe. If you are divided within yourself than so shall be your world.

I originally posted this earlier today on my blog:
Music and Mommies: The Scattered Mind Fragments of a Musical Mommy


FishHawk said...

"Most impressive" doesn't even come close to describing this article, my dear Crystal. For it addresses a problem that most dare not even consider--let alone seek to do something about. Thank you so very much for publishing it here!

Be assured that this is something that our Heavenly Father has made me acutely aware of, and the solution is for us to want to get back to our roots, which is to want to truly get back to Him. For we do have the freedom to believe as we want, but all who are truly His are to be of the same mind, with only different ways of expression being pleasing in His sight.

No, this has nothing to do with control, but it does have everything to do with being real. For either someone wants to be His or they do not, and the pretenders have nothing to keep them grounded when the storms come.

Crystal Marie said...

Thank you!

Your words are true and the very last line of your comment brings about a line that came about in a conversation a friend and I had the other night while discussing this topic... and that was:

Stability is accepting the constant while acknowledging the change. This would allow you to be stable through the change.