Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Favre Girl

After seeing part of the ABC interview of [Jenn Sterger] about the continuing ramifications of [Brett Favre] trying to get with her when they were both with the New York Jets, I am having a hard time feeling as sorry for her.  After all, why didn’t she just privately tell the poor guy that she wasn’t interested?

Yeah, I really was on her side when [the scandal] first broke.  For I felt like it was horribly unfair of the Jets to fire her when it became clear that she had not invited his advances, but now, she is coming off as one of those girls who love to tease and then acts all offended when the wrong guy responds.

No, this is not coming from a puritanical viewpoint, neither.  For I have admitted on a number of occasions that I naturally have a very, very, very great appreciation for the physical beauty of the fairer sex, and Ms. Sterger has a lot to appreciate.

Oh, but there is nothing uglier than some lovely lass being outraged over someone daring to look at what they are showing-off.  Be assured that I have had an awful lot of experience with those situations in the past.

Nonetheless, even if this isn’t about her being disgusted with an older man like Brett Favre wanting to see if there was a lot of air-brushing to her Playboy pictures, she could have quietly shut the whole thing down by having a little talk with him and maybe mentioning that his wife might not appreciate his behavior.  For what was Brett Favre going to do when it was him pursuing her?  Yes, Favre may have caused her a lot of trouble with the Jets, but she had proof—didn’t she?

That leads to another thing that is bothering me.  For with there being so much emphasis being placed on removing sexual harassment from the workplace, why hasn’t she brought suit against the Jets unless they have something on her?  It may be totally unrelated to Favre, but…

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Don E. Chute said...

She can become a Chute girl anytime. She can also switch teams and become a Raiderette.

Al Davis takes all cast-of.

Happy Trails.

FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Don!!! Yeah, I am quite sure that there are many doors open for her walk through when she wants to. I wonder if Charlie Sheen has called?