Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Defense of Glenn Beck

***This is being published by me for Blane,
and it is a rebuttal to [As 2012 Approaches…]***

My brother, why say such things?  I think that you may need to give Beck's archived shows a second look.

He does not put forth ANYTHING about anyone without an audio or video clip of them confirming in their own words what he is saying.  Even when doing this, he will not put on snippets of video/audio if it does not include the full context of what they are saying. 
This is done in an effort to be sure nothing is taken out of context or misinterpreted.

The last two years I have watched his show, and as he has showed how things were lining up and falling into place, he never claims to predict or foreknow anything.  Instead, he says he simply takes people or organizations like Sorros, and the many Socialist/communist organizations in the U.S., at their word.  He simply believes them when they say they want to destroy our country.

He has had an army arrayed against him (almost all of the t.v. and cable news media, blogs, internet media outlets, government agencies to include the current admin., and the majority of major news papers and magazines) in an effort to destroy his credibility and the things he puts forth.  I have seen onslaughts against him on a daily basis for the last two years, by all of the above mentioned.  Every single one, without exception, has either flat out lied about something he said, or taken his words completely out of context to twist and conform them into nothing representative of anything he would ever say.

He said that the Fed would monetize the debt.  Everyone laughed at him and said he was fearmongering.  The mainstream media ridiculed him.

What happened about six months later?  The Fed monetized our debt and printed astronomical amounts of money (didn't actually print it, but wired into banks billions of dollars).

Did the media outlets that scorned him ever come around to say he was right and they were wrong?  Nope.

Instead, it was done as quietly as possible.  Matter of fact, you would have had a difficult time even finding any news about it when it did occur.

This is only one example.  I could give you dozens more.

Every single time, without fail, the mainstream media outlets persecute him ruthlessly with lies and half truths designed to destroy him.  Many of them working in concert with each other to get "stories straight", so all of the lies match.  They have done this in an effort to give the illusion of truth because the same stories are being presented by many different outlets, so the thinking is they must be true.

Most recently Glen reported on the riots in Tunisia (this was weeks before the middle east riots).  He said that this would match up with a lot of what the unions were doing globally, if these Tunisian riots overflowed into the other countries around them.

Every single news outlet said he was crazy and only trying to scare America.  Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, several congressmen and women said his program should be shut down and his radio show taken off of the air.  They even questioned his sanity in many cases for saying that this could be the start of the destabilization of many of the mid east governments.

Within one month everything he said would or could happen did happen.  Where are these people that said these things?

Reporting on the very things they all said would never happen, never admitting the wrong they did.  They simply move on hoping that everyone forgets or never remembers what they had reported or said just weeks prior.

The bad thing about all of this is that they are right.  They have learned to exploit the idiocy of the majority of those that listen to them.  And when Glenn says something else that they do not want to believe, or do not want exposed they will continue to do the same thing and get a "free liars pass" with the majority of the American people.  And the people will go right along with them as they continuously assault this man.

He has not ever decisively said anything about the tribulation times other than what you and I have said.  This could or could not be it.  It could start in 100 yrs or in the next 10 seconds.  Please look and listen to his own words—not the words of those who seek after his destruction.

George Sorros has spent millions upon millions to try and destroy and debunk the facts that he has put forth on his t.v. and radio show.  No amount of money or lies will ever destroy the truth.  The truth defends itself, and this is why Sorros and all of the others have failed and will continue to fail in their efforts to destroy him.

Jerry, you know me.  You know what happens to me if I were to tell a lie.  This guy is a good and descent Christian brother, and he is not seeking his own glory.


FishHawk said...

Again, I may be woefully deceived about him, but I get the same feeling when trying to listen to what he has to say as I do when I try to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz and all of the other talking heads who are just interested in putting on a good show. By the way, isn't Beck a Mormon?