Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jisr al-Shughour


Human beings have always treated one another badly. It is in our nature to bully, harass and hurt. There comes a time when others are required to step in and do something about the maltreatment one person gives another. This must also be the same for governments. The grab for oil that led to a needless invasion of Iraq cost hundreds of thousands of lives, partly through a ham fisted operation, mostly through an even bigger ham fisted aftermath! Once again we find oil causing the UK to join with France and invade Libya, on the pretext of 'preventing harm to civilians.' Now however, while the Syrians shoot down their own with tank fire we mutter apologetic words and stay at a distance. There are many more dead in Syria than in Libya however there is oil in Libya and none in Syria. Thousands are made homeless, thousands are injured and killed, and the west stands at a distance doing nothing? Have we sold all our aircraft like Prime Minister Cameron has? Have we insufficient funds, much wasted in the Iraq debacle? Or are we afraid Syria is too big to chew?  

I suppose few will care. No oil there, we are not troubled. So let them get on with it, that's what Arabs do to one another after all, isn't it?


FishHawk said...

Very well done! Speaking naturally, going into Syria would invariably destabilize the entire region. Whereas, the other Arab leaders were sick of Hussein and Gaddafi.

Adullamite said...

You are right of course. Russia and China refusing support does not help. The 'cleansing' of this town has been accomplished and who knows how many are dead?