Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sexism abounds in western society! Day by day we find that one sex (sorry, we have to call it 'gender' today) can push the other around in an unfair manner and then complain that life is in fact unfair to them. Such a nonsensical attitude prevails everywhere. Let's consider the questions such abuse creates.

Why do women tennis players earn the same as men? The men, who are the ones people actually come to watch, play three sets, often leading to five set matches. The girls play two, then, occasionally a third. People only watch them if they are tabloid pressmen or lesbians, no-on actually cares which of the handful of 'top stars' actually wins. Women's tennis is as important as women's football, that is, it not important at all. In spite of this difference in class and importance, in spite of the lack of drawing power the women get paid the same as the men. How is such discrimination acceptable?

This runs through every part of life. In a more serious vein, if a woman chooses, often under pressure from those who claim to help her (and get paid for it) if a woman chooses to kill her child in a legal abortion the father has no say in this whatsoever! The lie that this is the woman's body deliberately ignores the fact that the child is in the woman's body, not part of it! However without a father it would not be there at all. Why has he no say here? This ignores the God given creation of a child.  A father and mother are both required to raise the child.  On occasion this cannot happen, however that is the norm and the best way, in spite of the difficulties created.

Divorce courts routinely take the women's side, even when it is clear the father is being badly treated. The female of the species benefits in spite of all evidence against her. PC judges or those just fed up with quarrelling spouses may take the easy way out. In the world o0f commerce many females claim sex discrimination, and win, just because they do not get promotion. No man can hide behind his sex (sorry 'gender') and win this way. 'Positive discrimination' leads to female only candidates in political parties in a vain effort to get more women into parliament, even though the men applying might make better politicians!  There are far too few examples of successful women in politics today even though many shout loud. Clinton has succeeded to some extent, Golda Maier reached the top in Israel, Mrs Gandhi kept tight control over India, and Bhutto of course was killed, although in Pakistan that goes with the job!  Harriet Harman, who reached her position by being female insisted on women only short-lists for candidates, then pushed four women on a shortlist aside to force her husband into a 'safe seat!' How typically feminine of her!

The equality legislation of the last few years has proved to be a joke. The demand for equality was of course ignoring human nature and what people really either need or want. We bowed to a Satanic feminist agenda and the west is suffering because of this. We have all come across pushy women hiding behind legal niceties to get their own way, even if the men are roughly pushed aside. Men after all in western society don't count any more. Women, often failed middle class types who have never had a real job, kept a husband or have a lifestyle worth copying, dominate the media and thousands follow their every word. A proper understanding of life, a desire to get the best for everyone has been lost.

Poor women, how they suffer, although none of the feminist writers will ever work on supermarket checkouts or deliver post, physical jobs are for men or 'common women.' They are happy for men to dig up the roads, dig graves, connect telephone lines and work on railways but complain that a 'glass ceiling' stops them lining their pockets, climbing the hierarchy or sitting behind a desk telling other women what to do. I feel sad about that.

It is time for justice as well as equality. It is time we ignored the selfish rantings of those who live their lives out in their writings and treated people as people. Human rights have indeed a point, but not when only one sided. Women who wish to do any job, and there is few jobs they should not do,  must accept the men as equal, not as enemies. The law is an ass that allows one to treat another badly. Christians must stand up and be counted here, instead of hiding away because they are afraid they will lose out. Instead of 'self' as taught by feminism and all other thought regimes today let's try being a servant and counting the other worthy of respect.

I bet the women will bitch about that.



FishHawk said...

I don't know, I think Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are grossly underpaid. In all seriousness, it is quite shameful that women are generally paid far less than men for doing exactly the same job over here on this side of the pond. You are absolutely right, however, about women not being able to do everything a man does, which works both ways, of course.