Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carnival Clowns

I realize that I may be knee-jerking, but it really makes me mad when corporate greed causes suffering that could have been avoided.  For all it would have took was on-board back-up generators being in place to provide at least enough power for lights, ventilation, elevators and toilets to keep the doomed recent voyage of the [Carnival Triumph] from becoming as bad as it was.

No, I am not talking about having a back-up engine room in case of propulsion failure.  Although, [Carnival] certainly has the resources to do this.

Alas, with cruise lines not being subject to the same regulations as airlines, there does not seem to be much that any one government can do.  Of course, people refusing to book cruises until companies like Carnival decide to truly have their customers best interest at heart (within reason) could accomplish so much more, but sheep are meant to be eaten by wolves—right?

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