Sunday, September 2, 2012

Romney or Obama?

Once again the media is filled with the American election.  Once again pictures of shining teeth (all false) glint from the screen.  Once again cheering hordes yell ecstatically whenever their man says anything, be it "Hello America," or something worth hearing.   Once again the world looks on aghast!

On offer is a president known world wide as one who restored the image of the US, against him appears an unknown who speaks like George 'Dubya' Bush, but without the intellect.  Sadly the 'Tea Party' appear willing to vote for him and his offer of another 'Cold War,' more American troops killing the innocent and an economic policy that makes the present trillion dollar deficit appear like pocket money.  "Surely the American people cannot be that stupid?" we ask.  "Surely they will reinstate the man who offered them a proper health service, one which would cost them a little on tax but which they rejected to be 'free,' and instead pay a lot for insurance and more for drugs!  Surely they will make the right choice here?"

Sadly we know the danger is many will continue to believe in an American myth.  Sadly some will refuse to vote for a Black man, especially as many consider him to be a Muslim!  Dearie me!  Sadly, as always, greed and selfishness will be first in folks thoughts.  The unemployed, the sick, those missing out will all be lumped together by the 'Tea Party' as 'lazy,' or 'scroungers,' or even 'pretending to be sick.'  They can then justify not spending money on care for them.   A few even pretend they are Christians while doing this!  How they justify that I cannot understand.  'Love your neighbour' is put second to ;the All American Way,' and that depends on what you wish that to mean.

Even worse lies ahead.  Once the US have made their decision, good or bad, the middle east will explode, war may be inevitable, and then to top it of the UK will have an election also!  We will have the choice between one inept and out of touch 'Toff,' and his lackey, against a nonentity who's party has forgotten the people they represent.  The choice is simple, vote for 'A' and get a nothing in place, or vote for 'B' and get a nothing in place.   Neither have any idea what to do, all look after Number One.  

Isn't democracy wonderful!



Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I would say that this was incredibly well presented, but I am just too depressed. Yes, our Heavenly Father is most certainly still in control, but His definition of what is good does not always agree with mine.