Monday, September 10, 2012

Cassville's Big Cats

Be assured that it gives me great pleasure to be able to publish something positive about one of our local news outlets.  For I would like to believe that there are some in the business who really are serious about producing a quality segment, and it gives me cause to hope that their efforts can actually make it on the air in spite of the efforts of station management to just avoid having nothing more than a test pattern to go on-air with.

Yes, it was a puff-piece, which first aired on [KSPR], and it certainly did not hurt with me that it was about my high school alma mater.  Of course, with it being around 20 years since the last time I spent much of any time at all around the town, it could have been really messed up and I wouldn’t know it.

Well, I got to take at least some of that back.  For I do know that the Cassville R-IV sports teams are still the [Wildcats], and I have been keeping up on how the high school football team has been doing since they started being really, really good around 10 years ago.

Alas, I have great concerns about them possibly doing something quite unethical—not to mention blatantly against the rules.  For unless something drastic has changed since I moved away for good, there shouldn’t be enough talented players available year after year to keep them winning at least 10 games per season. including a couple of state championships.

Yes, all indications are that the difference between Cassville and the rest of the pack is just the coaching staff.  For I cannot recall ever hearing about one of their players being recruited by even the likes of [Missouri State], which is just around 60 miles away to the northeast in Springfield—let alone [Arkansas], which is around the same distance away to the south-southwest in Fayetteville.

By the way, that 30-game regular-season winning streak is now at 31 after Cassville beat the defending Class AA state champion, [Lamar], 31-0 last Friday night (September 7, 2012).

Just in case you are not up on your American history, Lamar is the birthplace of [Harry S. Truman], who served as the President of the United States of America from 1945 to 1953.  Aside from the [Blue Top CafĂ©], I have never liked much of nothing about that town.

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