Monday, July 23, 2012

Not Senseless

There are a lot of people calling the [Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre] senseless, and from our own ground-based points-of-view, it most certainly does.  For there appears to be no other reason for it but to kill and injure a great many people.

Nonetheless, let us not forget that everything really does happen for a reason, and the movie theater massacre is no exception.  For it gave us to clear examples of our Heavenly Father still being actively involved in our daily lives.

The first example was the shooter just stopping and calming walking out of the theater to stand by his vehicle when he still had thousands of rounds left and dozens of clear targets in front of him.  Be assured that this happened as a result of our Heavenly Father telling the demon to leave the shooter.

The second example occurred when one of the shooter’s neighbors balked at going through his unlocked front door to see if the blaring techno music could be turned down.  Hey, she has even said that it was on account of something inside of her that made her very reluctant to go through that door, which would have probably resulted in her death on account of the front door being booby-trapped.

In response to those who are wondering how a good and loving Heavenly Father allow such a tragedy to happen in the first-place, please understand that our lives in this world can be just the beginning of our existences and that even the very best of lives in this world is absolutely miserable in comparison to the worst of lives in our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom of Heaven.  Ah, but of what comfort is that to those who do not want to believe it?

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