Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Taxing Situation

Probably not to the political junkies, but to the rest of us, all of the back and forth over whether or not to extend the [Bush Era Tax Cuts] is taxing in every sense of the [word].  For President Obama wants to extend the cuts to everyone but those making over $250,000 a year, and the Republicans are not having any part in that.

Alas, it is just politics as usual, and in an election year with the White House being contested, it is understandable.  It is still taxing—especially to those who believe that what is in the best interest of the country should take precedence over what is in the best interest of a political party.

Oh, but that is exactly what each side is insisting that they are doing.  For the Democrats insist that the wealthy can afford to be of more help to our country during a time when more than ever are in need of government assistance on account of the economy being so bad while the Republicans insist that adding to the tax burden of the wealthy is a huge mistake because they are the ones who [create jobs], which is exactly what is needed to get out economy hitting on all cylinders again.

So, why not purpose a compromise where all monies spent on job creation are tax deductible?  Would this not appease both the liberal hunger for what the wealth have and the desire of the wealthy to maintain some semblance of control over every penny they can obtain by any and all means necessary?  That is, of course, unless too many of the wealthy have no plans for creating any more jobs.

No, such a proposal would never make it out of committee.  For it is too simple—not to mention rather transparent.

Besides, such a proposal would be at best merely a light bandage for a wound that needs some serious stitching.  For we would have more than enough money to balance the budget, pay off the national debt, make the American economy more vibrant than ever and fully fund all sorts of programs that would be of great benefit to all of the citizens of the United States of America without having to raise taxes a bit (in fact, taxes could probably be significantly lowered in a few years) if our leaders would just get serious about getting rid of as much corruption and incompetence as possible—starting with the federal government and continuing all the way down to the local level.

Yeah, like that would ever happen, but one can still dream.  There isn’t a tax on dreaming—is there?

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Brenda Rees said...

Looks like the political situation is the same in every country and, as usual, the commoner has a better solution and more wisdom to be able to deal with the problem. But then, all governments will eventually be put beneath the feet of Jesus.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Thanks for stopping by, my dear Brenda!!! Be assured that I am so looking forward to that day.