Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tim Tebow

If you are not a fan of the [NFL], nor college football, nor caught an occasional sports segment on your local news broadcast, nor pay any attention to the comings and goings in the American Christian community, you may have never heard of [Tim Tebow].  To get you up to speed, he is the current starting quarterback for the [Denver Broncos].  Before that, he was the starting quarterback for the [Florida Gators], where he was part of two national championship teams.

He also won the [Heisman Trophy] while at Florida, and the following video helps to clarify why I find him so troubling.

No, he is not a fake.  That is, at least not in regards to him truly being the epitome of what is generally considered to be a Christian in the eyes of the Christian community, but there is a BIG difference between merely having a semblance of knowledge about Christ Jesus and actually knowing Him in a very close and personal way.

Yes, it matters, and he has been given a perfect opportunity to help as many as will to see that our Heavenly Father really is actively involved in our daily lives.  For it is minor miracle every time he completes a pass.

You see, Tim is really awful at throwing the ball most of the time.  In fact, he is so bad, the Denver Broncos have had to almost completely revamp their offense to accommodate his limitations.

Why would they go to so much trouble?  Well, he has proven to be a fairly consistent winner in NFL so far, and it would be most foolish of the Denver Broncos management to cut off their nose to spite their face (so to speak) by refusing to put him behind center.

Honestly, we are witnessing another David vs. Goliath situation here with Tim in the NFL.  For there is no way that he should be having so much success against the defensive schemes he has been facing, and if he had any sort of close and personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, he would be the first to make that clear.

Instead, he talks about God having a plan for his life, and that he doesn’t pay any attention to what others say about him, which is consistent with what has been so widely taught.  For far too many have been led to believe that our Heavenly Father couldn’t care less about what we think of Him and His righteousness while the absolute truth of the matter is exactly the opposite.  Granted, our opinions will not move Him to change His plans, but it grieves Him deeply that most do not understand, nor really want to.

Oh, but people are starting to notice, anyway.  For I heard several sports commentators asking if we might be witnessing a higher power at work through Tim, and he has had nothing to say about that so far.

Of course, if Tim really doesn’t pay any attention to what others are saying, he would miss things like that.  May he come out of the shadows of Spiritual ignorance before it is too late.

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Anyone other than Lavender Darwin said...

You lost me at, "If you are not a fan of the [NFL], nor college football, nor caught an occasional sports segment on your local news broadcast..."

Yep, thats me! I did see Tebow's book at the local Christian bookstore, which I thought was a little odd. Who would want to read about a sweaty football player when you could be reading Spurgeon?

FishHawk said...

Methinks you are an imposter, my dear Anyone other than Lavender Darwin. For only he could come up with something that inane.

Certainly Not Lavender Darwin said...

I'll have you know, my dear Fishhawk, that Lavender Darwin, rest his weary soul, is not the only one who has no idea how football is played.
And if it's a football, why is it thrown around with the hands and carried, instead of using your actual feet?

FishHawk said...

Alas, my dear Certainly Not Lavender Darwin, I obviously stand corrected. For it was rather foolish of me to think he is the only one capable of such.