Thursday, December 29, 2011

Male Chauvinist Pigism?

[Pam Ward] has been a play-by-play announcer for college football games on ESPN for several years now, and whenever I run across one of the games she is working, I will look for another to watch.  However, since it is coming to the end of another season, I went ahead and watched the rebroadcast of the [Military Bowl] earlier this morning, and my mouth actually flopped open when I heard the following.

In case you missed it, [Dan Hawkins], who was doing the color commentary, told Ms. Ward, “Don’t go to the kitchen, Pam.  You’re going to miss a score in this game!”

Now, I would like to believe that the reason why I don’t want to watch a game that she is working is on account of her voice.  For hearing [Hannah Storm], [Dana Jacobson], [Michele Tafoya] and several other ladies talk football doesn’t bother me a bit, but in the spirit of full disclosure, they are all fairly good looking (trying to stay out of trouble with my wife here) while Ms. Ward is not (at least to me).

Anyway, I wonder what motivated Mr. Hawkins to say something like that.  In all fairness, it may have been an inside joke between them, but since she seemed to ignore it…

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