Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zeitgeist: The Movie (2007)

[Lavender] posted an audio file a week and a half ago that contained a sermon by Reverend Joey Faust on the [Zeitgeist Seduction].  If wasn’t for how much harder this kind of preaching makes it for the lost and confused to want to truly accept what our Heavenly Father actually says is absolutely true, I would have considered it to be hysterically funny, and even with the dire ramifications, it is still a hoot.

Nonetheless, the sermon helped raise my curiosity over the [Zeitgeist movie].  It turned out that three of them have been produced so far, and a fourth in the works.

This is about the first one, and it has to be like a gift from the universe to any devout conspiracy-theorist.  For it starts out seeking to prove that our Heavenly Father’s Holy Bible (in general) and Christianity (in particular) are nothing more than obvious plagiarisms of other religious beliefs, with all of them being based upon astrology in one way or another, and it ends with banking interests being at the heart of the war on terror, which was facilitated to make it easier for them to gain more control over everything.

Sandwiched in between is this and that about how we have been led like sheep to the slaughter since the Romans created Christianity to help maintain order in their empire to that 9-11 was not the brain-child of Osama bin Laden.  All of which I found quite fascinating, much to my chagrin.

Yes, an incredibly brilliant mind produced this film.  After all, Satan was the most celebrated amongst the angels before his fall, but this is not to imply that everything in the movie is a lie.  What do you think?

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John Myste said...

Firstly, I don't think the Roman's created Christianity. Secondly, I do think Christianity borrowed from other religions, and I do think it did it for purely political reasons and I don’t think that fact has anything to do with astrology. I think Christianity was a compromise that sought to unite Judaism and "Paganism," which describes most everything else. Christianity has some features of "Pagan" religions, such as polytheism, Christmas, Easter. It also has some features of Judaism, such as a claim to monotheism, and worship of the Jewish God (though most of His commanded observances were exchanged for Pagan Holidays).

All of that said, most efforts to prove that Christianity was borrowed from other religions go about it all wrong. They try to find any correlation one could imagine and then claim the correlation implies causation, which is often a fallacious method of arriving at a conclusion. It is better to look at what the early Christians actually did and said then to try to simply imply plagiarism because you see similarities.

At its core, Christianity also has a Jew, who was not a Christian and given the choice would almost certainly have rejected Christianity as Pagan.

A good place to start trying to understand why Christianity exists in its current form is to try to examine it, pre- Council of Nicaea, because that body was already working with what it was given, and the main myths were already in place. It’s job at that point, was to reconcile what it had.

Lavender Darwin said...

I think John misses the point, but to his credit, I would agree that it is good to read the pre-Nicean (pre-Constantine) writings of the patristics, prior to Roman corruption of the church, and the subsequent (unfortunately) blending of church and state.

People who cite that Christianity borrows from other religions often site very vague, internet-meme references to things like Mithras and other goofy sun-worshiping and draw very weak comparisons, when the fact is that Christians don't worship astrological bodies or bathe in bull's blood. Christianity remains unique in comparisons to world religions, past and present, in that it's the only religion to offer salvation not by works, but solely through the work of Christ on the cross for those who repent and believe in him.

John, check out "Please Convince Me" sometime. The guy who hosts the site, Jim Wallace, was a vocal atheist for the first 30 years of his life, then had his life turned around and subsequently became one of the most cordial and thoughtful apologists for the Christian faith I've ever heard. My own defense is far too feeble compared to what he offers, and he's got some material showing in detail how Christianity didn't borrow from anything. There's a link on his site that has a generous collection of articles called "Answers for Atheists" that you might find helpful and informative.

FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping by again, my dear John!!! As I am sure you would agree with, most of those who have claimed to speak for our Heavenly Father have done as much as anyone to convince those who do not want to believe that they are being wise. Be assured that this is all part of His plan. For He is well-able to speak for Himself, as well as overcome any obstacle in the way of becoming reconciled with Him, which makes the reunion all the more glorious.

FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Lavender!!! Very well put, and thanks for leaving the link!