Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Dangers of Overexposure

First of all, I would like to make it absolutely clear that my wife and I are both HUGE fans of [Mike & Molly].  Mike is played to the hilt by [Billy Gardell], and [Melissa McCarthy] more than holds her own playing Molly.

I’m not quite sure if it is the chicken or the egg, but since we were already familiar with Melissa from Mike & Molly, I am going to go with it being on account of her success on that show that secured her place on [Bridesmaids].  Yes, I well aware of the fact that movies are often completed years before their actual release, but this is my story, which I am sticking to.

Anyway, my wife still wants to see Bridesmaids in the worst possible way, but after hearing it described as [The Hangover] for chicks, I am having some reservations.  After seeing Melissa on [SNL] last Saturday, my wife is starting to have some of the same reservations.

Link: [On NBC]

Yeah, I know that gross-out humor rules the roost these days, but that doesn’t make it funny.  Be assured that Melissa was playing anti-Molly there, and I suspect that she was also playing her in Bridesmaids.  Oh, how I hope Melissa wasn’t just being herself.

My wife and I have also been HUGE fans of [Andy Rooney] on [60 Minutes] over the years.  For we thought that he was just employing a very dry sense-of-humor to moan and groan about things that make a lot of us moan and groan about, but after watching that parting interview, it would seem that he is really not a very nice man at all.

Hence, the dangers of overexposure.  For my wife and I now have very different opinions about both Melissa McCarthy and Andy Rooney, which we wouldn’t have had if they had of just stayed with the “less is more” rule.

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Lavender Darwin said...

At 90+, it would have been nice to hear Andy become a little reflective of the end of his life, perhaps musing on the afterlife. Shame there wasn't anything like that, but just how he's not looking forward to dying.

Lavender Darwin said...

Oh, and that SNL clip was disgusting. I turned it off shortly after it started. That show has lost it...

FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping by again (and again), my dear Lavender!!! When I first heard Andy say that he had a blast during WW II, I kinda shrugged it off, but the more it was brought back into focus, the more inappropriate it became to me. Yes, he may have went on some bombing runs over Germany, but when the vast majority of those who saw combat refuse to talk about it at all (let alone brag about how much fun they had), he should have just kept that to himself. It was, however, the part about him refusing to give autographs, and considering anyone who would want one from him to be an idiot, that got to me the most. For if he wanted to remain anonymous, he should've stayed with that silhouette scene.

P.S.: Yes, that SNL skit was indeed disgusting.