Friday, August 5, 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day

I seem to recall seeing something about a new Starz original series, [Torchwood: Miracle Day], some time ago, but I had forgotten all about it. While looking for something to stave off complete insanity for at least a couple more hours earlier this morning, I spotted Torchwood amongst the Starz listings, and four hours later, I was hooked.

Okay, it is technically a new series, but in reality, it is actually the fourth revision of a [BBC series], which was a spin-off of their Doctor Who. Since I don’t get out much, it truly is an original series to me, however.

Anyway, what is so fascinating about Torchwood: Miracle Day is that it portrays what could happen (naturally-speaking, of course) if all of a sudden, no one could die. No, we are most definitely not talking about Heaven on Earth here. For while everyone quits dying, the suffering from injuries, disease, starvation, dehydration and just plain old old age remains the same. Hey, they even had one guy blow himself up with a suicide vest that terrorists would envy, and there he was, laying on a hospital table, looking around at the doctors who were looking at what was left of him!

No, that is not the kind of stuff that so attracts me to this show. For it is the reactions by everybody to the possibility of there quickly not being enough food, pain medications and places to put the millions upon millions of invalids that had me spellbound.

Horrified would be another good word to describe my reactions to the scenarios unfolding in the show. For I know what it is like to experience long-term suffering, and I would not welcome the news that it could continue on indefinitely.

Evidently, there is some secret organization that is behind the phenomenon, and what is left of Torchwood Institute operatives, along with a couple of CIA agents and a fairly attractive doctor, are desperately trying to get things back to normal. There has been some hints of extraterrestrial involvement on both sides, but very little has been revealed so far, which means that I will have to keep watching. Okay.

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Lavender Darwin said...

Russel Davies ruined Doctor Who, as far as I'm concerned, and Torchwood is just more of the same garbage. I didn't realixe it went to Starz, though. What, did the BBC drop the series?

FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Lavender!!! I'm not sure if it is still on the BBC, but they are credited with being co-producers of Miracle Day.

Lavender Darwin said...

I tuned into Torchwood once, and it had a scene with a guy about to kiss another guy. Nope, no interest in watching that, thanks, BBC.

Its interesting: when England becomes Muslim by 2050, and Sharia Law is instituted, I wonder if they will still air garbage like Torchwood anymore?

FishHawk said...

Yeah, the main character being gay is definitely a downer to me. I just hope that they don't put it too much on display, which is hypocritical, I know. For I wouldn't bother me a bit if he was chasing actual ladies down the block.

Geri Ohara said...

The main character is actually bi sexual which may be even more disturbing to you considering what i have read in your comments.

The show (i have always thought) tries to reflect modern culture and deals with philosophical and moral dilemmas such as 'What would happen if people could not die' Sci fi ..perfect genre for this type of thing.

FishHawk said...

Thanks for stopping by, my dear Geri!!! No, that actually makes me feel a little better about the Captain, which it probably shouldn't. As in regards to the show itself, I fully agree with your assessment, and it is the reason why I find it so fascinating.