Thursday, August 11, 2011

Expository Prayers

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No, I have no doubts about any disrespect being meant.  Well, at least not in the first case given here.  Besides, our Heavenly Father really does have a great sense-of-humor.

Nonetheless, both serve as good example of someone who really doesn’t know our Heavenly Father.  For if they did, they would know that what our Heavenly Father most wants is true intimacy with us, and both of those prayers were just for show.

Yes, such shows would be necessary if what has been so widely taught is indeed true.  For they would serve as another means of reaching out to the lost and confused in our Heavenly Father absence from this world.

Woe be it unto all who want to believe that.  For our Heavenly Father will keep making it more and more abundantly clear that there is nothing good about us apart from Him until we are willing to truly humble ourselves and fully accept what He actually says is absolutely true.

No, this is not to say that everything is going to get worse and worse from our ground-based points-of-view.  For the worst thing that can happen is for His blessings to be poured out upon those who want to believe that they have earned what they have received, but when He knows that the good that they can experience in this world will be all that they will ever have, our Heavenly Father is merciful.

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Lavender Darwin said...

I'm mixed on my opinion of Perry. There might be something genuine to his prayer here (he might be trying to model a strong Christian faith for those who want that in Washington, and who are tired of the godless Kenyan) or he might be, as you suggest, grand-standing. I don't know, but I do think Perry could be a viable candidate for 2012 (he'd definitely win the state.)

The biggest hit against Perry was that he wanted to pass a bill in Texas requiring all teenage girls to get the Gardasil vaccine [the one that paralyzes]. That was just plain wacky, and even the local reps. all shot him down over that bill (I wondering if he has friends with Mercer, maybe?) That concerns me if he gets to Washington and tries something like that at a Federal level.

FishHawk said...

Yes, I can believe that Gov. Perry was sincere, but ALL public prayers are misguided. Much to my chagrin, this is something that I have been rather reluctant to speak openly about.

As far as him becoming the next president, we could do far worse. Woe be it unto us all.

Lavender Darwin said...

"All public prayers are misguided"??? You'd really have to do some major hermeneutical tap-dancing to get around the book of Acts, which is chock full of the early church praying openly.

Acts 4:24
When they heard this, they raised their voices together in prayer to God. “Sovereign Lord,” they said, “you made the heavens and the earth and the sea, and everything in them.

Yeah, you could take Matt. 6:6 a little far, but what Jesus was getting at wasn't necessarily praying public, but praying a self-serving pointless prayer in public.

FishHawk said...

Thanks for calling me on this, my dear Lavender. For I should have said, "Most public prayers are misguided. I know that you don't understand, and I will try to do a better job of explaining in a published article as soon as I can. Hopefully, that will be in a few hours from now.