Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bath Salts?

When I first heard about this on a local newscast yesterday evening, I thought that maybe I really had heard of everything now.  Fat chance—huh?  For it is probably just a matter of time before it is discovered that catnip can get more than cats high.

Quickly on the heels of that first thought was one about there may be some distinct advantages to this newest craze.  For one of things that makes more conventional dope-fiends so deplorable is that they can get plumb funky when going weeks at a time without a bath.

Ah, but what hope that could be found in that second thought was crushed just as quickly as the first one was.  For with these bath salts not actually being for bathing, it is highly unlikely that any bathing is involved in their abuse—right?

Please forgive me if you find my twisted sense-of-humor offensive.  For when my mind gets blown by news like this, joking helps to ease me back to more stable ground, and I mean no disrespect towards anyone who is having to endure the effects of drug abuse all too up-close and personally.

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Lavender Darwin said...

I thought this was a joke. This is unbelievable. And who was the first person who was thinking, "Hmmm, bath salts.... wonder if that can be snorted?"

FishHawk said...

Yeah, it was not for being made acutely aware of there being a lot more going on in this world that what naturally comes to meet our physical sight, I would be baffled. For snorting a snootful of bath salts is certainly not something that I would want to try, especially if I had not of heard of anyone else doing it.