Saturday, January 7, 2012

Katy Perry's Parents

The first thing that I would like to make clear is that this is not meant as a condemnation of [Katy Perry’s] parents.  For it has been made all too painfully clear to me that parents can try to do everything they know to do to put their children on the right path, only to watch them head off in the opposite direction, which happens a lot to [preacher's kids].

Ah, but there is some debate on just how to do that—isn’t there?  Although, I don’t think that neither [RN], nor [Lavender Darwin], would disapprove of their efforts.  That is, unless it isn’t true that she wasn’t allowed to watch television, as reported in at least [this] article.

The following videos provide some more insights, as does [this] article.  I tried to procure the video of her dad preaching at [Church on the Rise], which is the one that helped to prompt this piece, but it was evidently taken down from the church’s site before I could.

Curiously, the video was there at first, and then it was not.  Furthermore, it seems to have been taken down from [other places], as well.

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Rational νεόφυτος said...

The message here is that Christian parent's should never take for granted the importance of raising their children consistently with the Scriptures. But maybe I missed it in these videos, but where does Father Perry cry out for his daughter to repent of her scandalous indecency and crass lyrics? Or her living in a sinful relationship?

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

So, not letting children still under your care watch regular television, listen to nothing but Christian radio, observe Halloween and all of the other things that were made mention of in both those videos and the written articles is inconsistent with raising children in accordance to Scripture?