Friday, June 8, 2012

efoods Direct

While I was offline due to a lightning strike, the lovely and talented Ms. Hannah Phillips sent me an email to ask if I would like to publish a review of their products.  Be assured that I was very excited by this offer.  For unlike many of the previous offers that I have received to review things, [efoods Direct] wanted to actually send me something to try, which is the only way that I know of to do a proper review.

Yes, I did indeed accept her offer, and I have started looking out of the window in the hope of spotting the mail carrier before our puppies do—despite not knowing just exactly when it should arrive.  Hey, if they get a hold of it before I do, there won’t be much left to review.

In the meantime, I was asked to also publish some sort of an announcement.  Yes, that is what this is, for those who are keeping score at home.

With my beleaguered brain being scrambled more than usual on account of having to learn how to negotiate with a new computer, I haven’t done much research on efoods Direct yet, but their website appears to hold a wealth of information.  What I have determined is that their products may be of great interest to those really into disaster preparedness—not to mention those who want something really good to eat to put on the table at home without having to actually cook.

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