Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He Got Me Again

The first few times I tried listening to [Rush Limbaugh] on the radio back when I was trucking all over the place, I just couldn’t do it.  For I found so much of what he had to say simply appalling.

The first few times?  Hey, it can get awfully boring out there after you have had your fill of what the advertisements say is the freedom of the open road, and after hearing some sort of reference to Limbaugh almost everywhere else I could land on the AM/FM dial, my curiosity continued to be piqued.

Anyway, it finally “dawned” on me that most of his outrageous comments were meant to be funny, and I quickly became a devout ditto-head, which is Rush-speak for a huge fan.  For I have a rather twisted sense-of-humor by nature.

Oh, but it was not meant to last.  For after our Heavenly Father started making Himself real to me, which involved enabling me to recognize things through His eyes, it became easier and easier for me to see that what Rush Limbaugh wanted and what our Heavenly Father wanted were two completely different things.

Alas, Rush got me again.  On second thought, maybe it was my Heavenly Father?  Anyway, I got sucked into the outrage over what he had to say about Sandra Fluke, and it had to be pointed out to me that he was trying to be funny again, which came days before Limbaugh made his public apology.

Yeah, I had to laugh—both at being so slow, and at what Rush had done.  For that rather twisted sense-of-humor of mine is still firmly intact.  Woe is me.

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Rob said...
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Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Thanks for stopping by, my dear Rob!!! I suppose it helps to have your own network. For Don Imus said far less, and he got run off of the air for a while. Although, with advertisers dropping their ads right and left after this latest "slip of the tongue," Rush might have to dig into his own bank account to stay on the air.